Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Smiles 32 ...Ben and Jake' first day at big school ...a visit ... or two

Its Friday already what have I been up to ?....and what brought a smile to my face? out its gong to be long... I shall try not to make it too picture heavy.

Last Saturday Ben Jake and Olly dropped by ....not forgetting their Mum and Dad !!...I like to show you the shots that are full of fun and show their character but I could have filled this with the others I took....maybe a few more another day when I have played with them.

Jake ...being interupted while playing with Hexbugs
 Olly ....being a detective
 Ben ....always asking questions ....I said say ' Gorganzola' works with Kris and Robbie ...stops the awful grins that go with saying 'cheese' but Ben had to ask why and then look bemused at his strange Nana.

Then Steve took loads of shots with me cuddling the boys ...this was one of the better ones where we all were looking in the right direction ...well it was not bad for Olly ...This makes me warm and happy every time I look at it.

Then came Tuesday ....I had booked a 'Drivers Choice' bus tour for Jay and me ...a mother and daughter day out was called a 'Magical Mystery Tour' ....sounds great  ....this is a smile because I still cant believe the day. I thought that we would be travelling through the pretty country side, stopping at picturesque places  for coffee and lunch ...and back by a different route ....after all it was a 10 hour day.
The day went thus ....
30mins late starting..
Put on a different bus because the other broke down ...
60mins picking others up on route and then changing onto a proper coach
So far I understood the logistical problems.
Off we go ......mainly down motorways to Glasgow ....
Here we pull up in front of a new Transport Museum could hear the groans ripple through the coach.
We were left for nearly 3hours to eat and 'enjoy' the museum. It was not too bad but I was glad to get back into the coach.
FIVE MINUTES down the road the coach pulled in and stopped ......outside guessed it ....another museum and art gallery....there was a stunned silence.

(I shall show you the photos I took on another post ...)
We were left here for another 2 hours before getting back on the coach  ...wizzing down the motor ways and arriving back 40 mins early.
If we had known where we were going I would have prepared myself as museums are not my first, second or third choice for a day out ....probably because most days out with my late hubby were to museums or castles. Jay and I used to rush round them while Steve and Pete used to read every thing...well Pete did ...but two in one day was too much.

Lastly .... Wednesday was  Ben and Jakes first day at big school
I think Olly wanted to go too

Come on Mum......
Sorry it was such a long pop over to Annies for more smiles.
Take Care xx


Annie said...

Gorgeous pics Angie. Those little men are so cute. As for your museum visits I'm right there with you. One might be nice but two?......
Annie x

Rian said...

Angie, love these pics! Especially you and the boys. They are just such cute kids.

As for your day trip... I would have preferred a day in the countryside too... maybe a tea or a lunch outside. Museums are nice, but they are not my idea of *fun*.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That photo of you and the boys is simply gorgeous.

Actually I like visiting museums, but three hours in one, then two more in a second, is more than I would want. I'm like you, an in-and-out kind of gal. Sorry that was not the fun day you had hoped for.

Of course, seeing those little guys off to school put a smile on MY face and I bet it did yours, too.

Happy Friday smiles.

Arkansas Patti said...

Aw poor Olly. I can so relate as I use to watch my brothers go off to that wonderful thing called school and hated being left behind.
Loved the shot of you and your three boys.
Two museums in one day is a bit much. A ride in the country would have been much better.

Elizabeth said...

Lovely photos of your gorgeous boys, Angie, and sorry but your tale of the trip to Glasgow made me smile too. Like you I think a jaunt through lovely countryside would be much more enjoyable. Better luck next time! Olly will be feeling lonely now that his brothers are at school - bet he can't wait till they get home each day. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend. Elizabeth xx

fairy thoughts said...

Lovely photos especially the one with the magnifing glass grin

Spyder said...

aw, great pictures! they grow up soooo quickly!!

Late again! Happy Friday Smiles!


Hettie said...

Hmmmn! I am with you on the mystery tour!! If I am in the mood ok but with choice of museum please!
Your boys look cute and long may they look forward to school!

crafty cat corner said...

Hi Angie
just thought I'd drop a line to see if you are okay, haven't had a post for some time.

Peter said...

Hello Angie,
Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that we are thinking of you. Hope that all is OK. Very best wishes from us in NZ,

Peter xxxxxxxxx