Friday, August 09, 2013

Friday Smiles ...wk 30 already.

Another week of smiles for us to record and then to link at Annies 'A stitch in Time'.
I have two main ones this week ...firstly ....
Out Of the mouths of Babes
Kris was chatting about foods that were healthy  ...or not ...a tad deep for a six year old I thought... and I did not want him to be obsessed by it all so I explained that homemade healthy meals, lots of fruit and vegetables and a little naughty food makes for a perfect diet. I then added that if you eat too much naughty food and too lilltle good food, you would not have the energy to run around and he might get fat too.
He thought for a moment ...'Is that what happened to you Nana Anja????'

Secondly ....A Guilty Ellie
 Ellie and Barnaby love watching Holly ...and Ellie loves to lie in the play pen with her and this is how I left them....
   I returned 5 mins later ....Is this not the face of some one caught in the act ....Holly was under her paw under the  blanket!!!!!

I am off to steal some FB photos of Ben, Jake and Olly ...from their holiday in Ireland. 
Hopefully I will see them soon but the car is very sick ....just got them home ...not sure whether it is terminal or not .. but certainly will be a strain on the pocket.

Take Care xx


Annie said...

Hehe out of the mouths of babes eh? Mine always said they liked to snuggle in to me :-)
I'm sure your cat was just making sure your little hedgie was cosy :-)
Annie x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Both of these are too funny. I liked what you said about being deep for a six year old. They become old souls when no one is looking, but lose that innocence once they become teens (grin). That really WAS funny, even at your expense.

You put a big smile on my face today. And Bleubeard is laughing, too. Or is that snoring?

Twiglet said...

Oh bless him what a comment! That was one of the best things about teaching little ones. They were always so honest and just said what they were thinking. x Jo

mamapez5 said...

Out of the mouths indeed! Parents would be shocked if they knew what their little ones told their nursery teachers. I wonder whether you managed to keep a straight face!
Your cats are lovely. I'm not sure who holly is, but they don't appear to be objecting to the cover up! Kate x

Arkansas Patti said...

Bless his little heart. Just tell him as we get older, we are built for comfort not for speed:))
Interesting that someone so young would be concerned about health. I guess it will help him make good choices later on.

JoZart said...

Aren't you a lovely Nana!! So lovely and I'm smiling. Love the photos too.
Have a great smiley weekend.
Jo x

fairy thoughts said...

Oh dear that told you
Don't you just love 'em

Rian said...

I don't think six is too young to be interested in eating healthy. And I agree that moderation is the key. A little chocolate can be a good thing!
As for his comment, kids say it like they see it.(Mine once told me that I didn't have many days left... which had me puzzled until he showed me that almost all the days on the calendar had been x'ed)

As for Ellie and Holly, I'm sure Ellie was just playing (not sure what Holly thought).

crafty cat corner said...

You can only get away with it when you're a child, imagine a grown up saying that. ha,ha.

pam thorburn said...

Kids eh? Sometimes the old adage about being seen and not heard doesn't sound too bad!!

Hettie said...

So when doez he get out of hospital? :-)
Love the look on Kitty's face! :-)

weaverpat said...

Kids sure know how to put things in perspective. LOL!

I think Holly is too much like a mousie for the cats to be able to resist temptation. My guys like to take their toy mousies and wrap them in a dish towel and then 'find' them.

Hope you are having a nice summer!