Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Happy Couple …Graphic Novel Style

 This is the last Wedding Post …promise
Knowing the couples love of graphic novels and comics …and Emma’s for Japan …this amazing shot was created by the Wedding DJ …. .look closely...especially at the hands ….it really looks drawn and that it jumped from a graphic novel page.

 When Emma and Steve thought about a photographer they really did not want formal poses but under the pressure of family, they gave in to a few …these we are waiting for still, which can only be expected as the photographers  Mum passed away on the wedding day, after a long illness.
He was brilliant, trying to do his job and letting nothing show but in the end he had to leave and, with their blessing, left guests to capture the mood of the party …but what they did not expect was that the DJ would step into the breach. While still doing a fantastic job as a DJ, he managed to capture some amazing ‘party’ shots. (Just Click for a better Look)

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Carmen said...

All of them beautiful, what an amazing thing that the photorapher stayed as long as he did - and the DJ did an amazing job. I love that first one. I clicked - he's even got the colouring in little dots. Brilliant. And Angie, I've loved seeing these wedding photos. The couple look so much fun.

Twiglet said...

Fab photos - what a special day. x Jo

Arkansas Patti said...

They really put their own very personal touch to the whole wedding. There is pure happiness and joy in their faces. Cool of the DJ to step up like that.