Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday smiles ...Holly the hedgehogs first swim in the bath.

Its  Friday ... and Annie’s Smiles are here again ...on her blog…A Stitch in Time …I wondered what to bring to the table this week …and then I remembered Holly’s antics in the bath, at the end of last week.
 She has had practice baths, in the bathroom sink, but this was a proper one,  to see if she liked swimming.
DD set it up with the addition of  Robbie’s  Play Mobil car ferry,  a few stones and  large shells …we found that the depth of the water had to be right  for her to actually swim …and then off she went…..

 She tried climbing the side, to get on to the car ferry ...and succeded ...several times

 Then she found it was easier to use the end
 Hope her antics made you smile ...if not ....
.... here is one of me and Jake …at the wedding ….yes I know I said there would be no more …but this is classic …not a good one of either of us but …..

……I was trying  not to laugh while I was comforting the little drama queen...yes I know it was cruel of me ....after all he did feel it was the end of the world because he could not have a large slice of the cake then and there …and it was  not fair that Mummy and Daddy seemed to be cutting it without him.
 I really think he will be an Oscar winner of the future.

Take Care. xx


Annie said...

Oh Angie I just love your pics this week. Little Holly is just adorable. I think all Nanas have moments like that...I know I do :-)
Annie x

Gill Edwards said...

well i never knew hedgehogs could swim or would want to either. He is gorgeous and your grandson is cute with his pouty little face, bless him.

Gill x

Carol said...

Little Holly is so sweet!
I like the photo of you and your Grandson, poor little chap, such a sad face, I'm sure he had a big smile for the rest of the day.
Have a great weekend.
Carol xx

Twiglet said...

Priceless photos - all of them - thanks for sharing!! x Jo

Arkansas Patti said...

I didn't know that about hedgehogs either. Who knew they liked water. How nice to have toys to play with in the tub.
Such a look of misery on the little fellows face. Considering the reason for the drama, think I would have had to suppress a giggle also.

Rian said...

Always good to learn something new: hedgehogs can swim... who knew?

and that picture of your grandson is priceless!

Caro said...

Oh wow! I love your swimming cute! The little drama queen is cute as well...I have one of those at home - tears at the drop of a hat! Thanks for the smile. Caro x (#7)

fairy thoughts said...

Hehe yes I'm very smiley now never seen a hedgehog on a car ferry before brilliant. I have missed a few weeks so not sure why you have a hedgehog in the bath ?

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Little Angie is totally adorable Angie, and a great pic of your grandson, he's so cute!

Warm hugs

Carmen said...

I think you should stick a stamp on Holly and send her to me immediately. Aw she is so gorgeous! I never even knew hedgehogs could swim!

That photo of you two is priceless. You MUST scrap it or even just pop a note on the back for him when he's older :D