Thursday, May 23, 2013

Friday Smile …not that it was at the time.

This is a smile with no photo…..sorry

Just imagine …I was sitting  at the computer, having a browse through on line shops …that I really should not go near, as they make me spend money I don’t have ( thanks Carmen for the sale link!!!). …. when I heard DD’s key in the door, followed by ….
“What the ????….. Why are  there bits of ?….”
“Bits of what???? ….where???…..” I retorted with irritation
“Broccoli ??? Raw broccoli?? ….in a line …no …a  trail leading towards the kitchen “
“OMG ….the broccoli thief has struck again.”
Sadly the camera was not at hand …and I was too angry to think about it any way….hence me asking you to imagine the sight that DD was  met with.

Never thinking that Barnaby the cat, would decide to go fishing ….I had prepared the broccoli ready for supper, and covered it with  water, in a deep bowl. It had not crossed my mind that…even if he had been tempted to fish, that he would carry off the spoils ….only to find it was actually raw. Obviously, he had kept going back ….just in case any of it was edible…..every last piece had been removed from the bowl…..ah bless him…..Grrrr …
You may wonder how I knew who the culprit was ….his  paw was wet ….and he has a record!!.

 Hope this made you smile did me the end.

 Many have remarked on hedgehogs and swimming ….those native to this country do, but if they cant get out or get tired ,they will drown. This is why wildlife and hedgehog societies ask that a small plank of wood is kept in ponds and pools …especially at night …for the hog to climb up on and rest … and something too, at the edge of the water, to allow an escape .
Our pygmy hedgehog Holly, loves water but they have no sense of self survival ….they can not be left in the bath, even for a minute, as they could just stop swimming and sink…
 Sorry could not resist some shots of Holly on her wheel .(click to enlarge)

So ….‘til next weeks Friday’s Smiles, over at ‘A Stitch in Time‘.
Take Care xx


Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie, just caught up on a few of your posts and enjoyed them all and the super photos taken at the wedding - the DJ was a real trouper, as was the photographer staying to do his in the circumstances. Love your little hedgehog and think your broccoli loving cat has got to be a one-off :) Elizabeth xx

l00pyscraftcreations said...

Oh hun you did make me giggle! You have a thieving hedgehog, I had a thieving Great Dane, bought back some treasured memories, thanks hunni, xxx

Morning's Minion said...

surely your little hedgehog is as naughty as any cat could be!

Annie said...

Oh Angie what a giggle you have given me this morning.....thank you.
Annie x

RosC said...

Those hedgehogs are gorgeous. To us down under, they are storybook characters, pictures in books, and chocky biscuits. Love the photos - had no idea there was any such thing as Pygmy hedgehogs. Is this a bit like keeping guinea pigs? Except they sound much more intelligent - about car ferries and things. I have some research to do, clearly. I might include vegetarian cats in that.

crafty cat corner said...

Yup, you made me smile. how strange that he should like Broccoli.
Love the swimming hedgehog, I was only listening to our local radio yesterday and they were saying that the hedgehog is in danger.
Not surprising when all around people are paving and decking every garden.

Carol said...

That is so funny, a broccoli thieving cat! Maybe next time our Rosie can't make up her mind what she likes, I'll try her with some.
Your hedgehog is so sweet, we've sern signs of them back in the garden after a couple of years without, we do have ponds but were built with wildlife in mind.
I also wonder if the 'Oklahoma' dog managed to get out because it could hear the interview, glad it did.
Have a lovely weekend.
Carol xx

Gill Edwards said...

Ha ha that Barnaby is a terror but bless him for being so inventive. Thanks for more pics of the hedgehog too

Gill x

Arkansas Patti said...

Ha ha, got a giggle about your broccoli thief, especially that he all ready has a record.
Minnie would never eat broccoli but would eagerly bat it about as a toy.
Thanks for the explanation about the swimming hedgehog. I was really curious.

Deb said...

oh no, the broccoli thief strikes again!
love the pics of Holly!

Rian said...

Sounds like Barnaby had a great time for a little bit... fishing for broccoli without interference. It's a shame it wasn't cooked so he could enjoy his spoils. I've found that I can't leave custard pies (or other tempting things) on the counter as I've returned to find one of the cats up there helping herself.

BumbleVee said...

hahha.... pretty funny Angie...imagining it is just as good as seeing it believe me....well, it is if a person has an overactive imagination like mine...or if a person has ever owned cats...!!

Terra said...

I have long thought hedgehogs are cute. We don't have any here in the USA, interesting about leaving planks of wood so the hedgehog can get out of the water.

Hettie said...

Tee Hee! Aren't animals soo funny at times?!

Laura said...

Haha! Brilliant!

fairy thoughts said...

Great story I didn't know there were veggie cats

Alison said...

Just brilliant!!! :o) xx