Thursday, May 02, 2013

The 4th Belfast Post ....W5

 W5 is Ireland's award winning science and discovery centre at  the Odyssey, Belfast …and is an amazing, interactive, experience for all ages  
W5 stands for … Who? What? When?  Why? Where?   

It is so much fun.
 It captured the imagination and interest of a 5 year old,  a 40 year old and a 66 year old …. and held it all day…with snack breaks of course….not bad I thought.
 I wish we had taken more photos …although you are probably relieved … but we were so enthralled with everything we kept forgetting.

 This was one of the pieces that allowed you to make as much noise as you wanted  to
 Jay playing ....ooops .....solving a problem !!

 Kris having fun with  one of the strength tests
 With each  floor, the more  demanding the tasks became but as everything can be handled , even Kris was not bored because you could have fun just playing with all the things. Many tasks defeated Jay and me and some we eventually understood but  all were so much fun.

  This wonderfully huge window looked out onto this
 The views were stunning from the were those when we took a walk around the building for a breath of fresh air, before going back in.


 The yellow crane is one of a pair that I will blog about on the last post next week you will be glad when I finish these  trip posts.

If you ever go to Belfast with children ....visit here will not regret it.

Bet you are glad I kept forgetting to take photos.

Take care xx


Arkansas Patti said...

Don't stop the trip posts. How else will I ever get tom see Belfast?
I love interactive and educational places for kids. They can plant the seeds of wanting to learn and explore.

Sue from Oregon said...

I love tours of places so far from my home! Always interesting!

Queenie Jeannie said...

What a fun place to visit!! I'm betting my daughter would love it there!

crafty cat corner said...

Hi Angie
I guess its pretty easy for you to get to Belfast but from down her in the south its a bit of a trawl. It looks fascinating though.
I'm still stunned at getting that overlocker, as you say, I don't think the girl knew what the hell it was, thank goodness. I know one thing, I'll never get a bargain like that again. lol

Carmen said...

I love your trip posts and this looks such a fun place to visit!

That picture with the reflection of the clouds in the water is gorgeous :)

alison said...

Looks like a wonderful day out! Great photos Angie! x