Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WOYWW 203 and The simple card that caused so much deliberation.

 I wanted the card to have a connection to the wedding  ….and as you may have seen on the last two posts …although there were some traditional elements …it was not conventional .
The bride was not in a white long dress ….the groom was minus a jacket … the cake was ‘Dr Who’ themed and blue  …. and there were Japanese origami cranes every where …which they had been folding for months….not forgetting little Lego touches

I hunted through reams of paper....stamped and embossed ….and then cut out the elements …and finally coloured the fan with Pro Markers.
Emma insisted there was no colour scheme to the wedding but I picked up that yellow and blue was to feature quite a bit. …she is not a flowery fussy person …and loves things Japanese …. so this was the end result......

 ...and this is a better shot of the necklace I made ... to go with the jacket I wore.
Sorry I still have no desk over flowing with creativity... but I do  feel strong stirrings within ….I want to make more jewellery ….obviously scrap the wedding . I have an urge to try tapestry again …and I found some Ikea mirrors that need playing with but first I have to gird up my loins and gut my space. My biggest problem is getting rid of the things I don’t use …in case I need them …one day …but I am discovering that certain things do not stand the test of time and may have to be binned before they were ever or barely used  and I know I still have a ton of paper boxed up in the loft ….not sure why I ever bought most of it ….its going to the craft department of a local hospital…..must have been suffering from a very bad Stash Addiction.
  The stuff I love, I will keep and it will last for years ... with little top ups of course.

Wish me luck in my quest for tidiness and organisation.
Take Care xx


Annie said...

Good luck with the sorting and tidying....you will get there and will feel so pleased with yourself when it's done :-)
A x # 39

Anne said...

Hi Angie - must be something in the air as I am sorting and tidying!!!
I have just been looking back at your posts. Did not realise there was a Wedding!!!! The photographs are wonderful. So many different things to look at and admire. Such different and lovely ideas. Love everything. Your card was perfect as was your hair!!( Mine is unfortunately getting thinner but is also short. Sometimes think I will wake up bald!!!) Happy WOYWW Anne x

Helen said...

Just been looking at the wedding pics - so beautiful - and how nice to see you too!!! Love the card. (I have gone back to the low stool, need one somewhere in between, lol!!) Helen 2

Lynn Holland said...

I've just had a look at the wedding pics. It is so nice to see people being individual and doing their own thing. It looks like everyone had a lovely time and I think your outfit is gorgeous. Well done on your jewellery making too. I've been going to a local shop doing two hour courses, I love it.
Lynn ::67

Neet said...

Watch out in a week or two to see what I did with Ikea frames.
Love the card you made - perfect for the occasion and so in keeping with the theme and colour of the wedding (that did not have a colour).
I know what I mean.
Thanks for visiting me earlier - I have been playing in my craftroom since 5.30 am - time to stop. Hugs, Neet xx 4

Carmen said...

The de-stash, strange as it may seem will fuel your creativity. I know _ I did a major one last year. Same as you, had a load of stuff that I must have gone mad when I first started crafting again. I wasn't so generous - I just took the HANDS OFF MY STUFF ban off the girls and they rampaged through it. Now I just have what I know I'll use and recently I've been getting my little shed in some semblance of order - I just need a desk top out there and I'm raring to go. You come across things that spark your mojo - it'll be great :)

As for the card. I love it. I thought the wedding looked amazing and it fits so perfectly.

Thanks for the info on Spider Ted too - will def be getting that for my sister this Christmas :D

Carmen said...

p.s - I think I have a couple of those Ikea mirrors you mentioned in my shed. I can't wait to see what you do with yours.

JoZart said...

Your wedding card is perfect and suits every criteria for the occasion. It's easy to see that Spring is here as we are all beavering away!
Loving the wedding pics!
Jo x

BJ said...

I think the card has hit the spot as I have just checked out the wedding piccies too, what a great cake love Dr Who. Thanks for visiting me already BJ#31

Redanne said...

Hi Angie, I went back to look at the wedding photos, they are lovely. Your card is a real beauty and I love the necklace you made, it goes so well with your outfit too. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #37 (thanks for your visit already)

Arkansas Patti said...

Now here I thought that was a traditional wedding for your part of the world. In that case, I really liked the originality.
Love that necklace and think the card tied in well with the colors and theme.

Rian said...

"tidiness and organization" ha! You should see my computer room... especially now when I'm trying to pack for the trip. But I applaud your efforts!

The card and the necklace are both beautiful. You need to continue with your creativity. I believe that creative efforts fill a need inside of us...

Ria Gall said...

the card you made is beautiful lovely colours
Happy WOYWW #203 and thank you for sharing your desk with us today
Ria #60

Regina Hamilton said...

Your card and necklace are beautiful Thanks for stopping by. Happy crafting #6

Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie, I've just caught up with all your lovely wedding photos - you looked gorgeous and your hair looks wonderful too :) How nice that the wedding was so different - I love the bride's dress - and I can see that a lot of thought, and work, was put into it to ensure it was their perfect day. So many wonderful touches - makes me hope my granddaughter goes for something a bit different from the usual too when she finally gets around to it. The card perfectly reflects the day too - a lovely keepsake for the bride. Thanks for sharing. Have a great WOYWW and an enjoyable week. Elizabeth x #53

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Oh good luck with that :o) I am terrible for hanging onto things....just in case! The card is lovely, so nice to have that personal touch. It was a close run thing between the two. I think the birdcages will be a future purchase.
Fiona x

House of Bears said...

I love the idea of a wedding card made based on the theme, a challenge but a fun one, and a great make.

Thanks for visiting the bears already today.

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Shozzy, I know just what you mean about not using stuff- I can't begin to tell you how much stuff I gave to my DIL when I had a sort out at Christmas- like you say, much not used. Loved it at the time, but I suppose our tastes change over time. Oh well. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #114

alison said...

I love your card Angie, it looks perfect for that unusual wedding! Gorgeous necklace too! x

Karen Ives said...

Lovely wedding pics.
Karen #64

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I've just read all about the wedding! What a wonderful time you had..I adore weddings that are slightly out of the ordinary! The bride looked fab, I loved the cake and the origami and you, my dear Shozzy, looked amazing!! Loved your hair, the necklace and your happy face :)
Hugs, LLJ 22 xx

Nikki said...

The wedding sounded like a fun time and it's tough to part with things we bought but I found out once they are gone you don't even miss them and the new space you get from having less let's your inspiration flow easier at least for me :) happy Wed hugs Nikki #9

fairy thoughts said...

the wedding looks amazing... so unusual, especially the paper flowers and the cake.... my daughters both did things a bit differently too, it makes the day so much more memorable doesn't it. Your card is great too. have fun de cluttering
janet #23

Spyder said...

I just scrolled down, I HAD to seethe Dr Who cake! Brilliant! the 'stuff' in the bowl on the sunday post (It's still there!) is PVA glue/water and mashed up newspaper to make the first lot of seahorses but they looked really bad!! I'm going to 'make' something else will it now.... Thank you for your visit! Happy WOYWW!
((Lyn)) #47

Nan G said...

Fabulous card and OMG love the necklace! Yes I too feel the need to 'gut' my stash. And wonder why on earth did I buy that?! :) Wishing us both luck in our clean out quest. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #98

sandra de said...

Oh what lovely photos of the wedding (went back and had a peek) and I love the necklace you made and you look great in the photo. We are all getting on so you are not on your own. Happy Wednesday.
Sandra @13

Claire said...

love the card and how it's made perfect for the receiver! love seeing the necklace too!
thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment :)
happy WOYWW and have a great week!
no 1

Cardarian said...

Hi Angie!
Thank you for the tip for the Sequin World I will check it out - I hope they ship to Slovenia! Your necklace is lovely and so is the card! About your creativity - if you have the will it will soon happen!
Lots of hugs,

Bridget Larsen said...

YOu will settle on some for of crafting when your head is in the right place
Bridget #38

Carol Hornby Clements said...

Great card and necklace. I know all about stash addiction.
Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Totally amazing. I LOVE the cranes from the post below, and your card is fab as well. Looks like the most wonderful day!

Happy WOYWW!

MA (8) (so very late this week!)

dottielottie said...

Love your necklace Angie, it matches perfectly with your outfit, gorgeous colours.Looks like the day was very special, and how nice to give a beautiful bespoke card I'm sure it will be a treasured keepsake.
Thank you for visiting me today
Happy Art Making
Hugs Lottie #130

kathi17 said...

I was just looking at the wedding photos. So fun, I loved them!

I don't like to have my photo taken any more either. I'm 60, but still think of myself as 40!!!

I love your card, it goes so perfectly with the wedding.

Good luck with the sorting and tidying, and thank you for the visit. Kathi (the one who's number keeps changing)!

Twiglet said...

Aw lovely wedding pics below Angie. What a fab day it looked. Ours was a bit alternative - no flowers no cake but just as Max wanted it and a truly perfect day. Will post more pics eventually. Wish I had made my necklace too - the one I had kept twirling round my neck and annoyed me! x Jo

Eliza said...


Where do I start, I went back a few posts as I missed the wedding and all the glory. I have to say traditional or not it looks like everything was the way they wanted it filled with thought and love. The dress, wow she was beautiful, the cake made me giggle, the origami, time consuming and yes it would of taken them forever to make but so worth it in the end a lovely touch. The flowers blew me away all so vibrant and spring. You looked absolutely beautiful and the necklace you made was perfect.

Now onto the high dining in the next post what an amazing building I so wish I could go there and sample the dellghts of the food but I don't think I could drink 6 cups of tea LOL Scones well I could eat them until I am over flowing and can't fit anymore in.

Thank you so much for sharing your posts, I have really enjoyed the tours.

Hugs Eliza 102

Tertia said...

The card is great, the necklace awesome and you sound way too busy for me.
Happy belated WOYWW!
Tertia #17

Tertia said...

The card is great, the necklace awesome and you sound way too busy for me.
Happy belated WOYWW!
Tertia #17

Darnell J Knauss said...

First of all, your card is really smashing, Angie! It is a treasure and all the love and attention to detail you put into it ala the wedding is very evident! Well done!!

Second, I'm wishing you good luck with your mahoosive clean out and reorg. It really will be SO worth it. Wish I lived nearby to help, coz I adore doing that sort of thing. I'm a bit sick that way!!

Enjoy the rest of the week! I'm still snooping around WOYWW and I very much enjoyed the visit! Darnell #52

Deb's Pen Pot said...

What a gorgeous card - I love the idea of a wedding reflecting the individual couple rather than the usual meringue-inspired tradition! I see in your profile that you're trying to write a book, and, being a writer myself, just wanted to say - 'persevere and good luck!" I'm just beginning to write my second (unpublished - as yet!) novel and have been using my SMASH scrapbook as inspiration. Do pop by my blog if you'd like to have a nose at a fellow writer-crafter. All the best, Deb #125

Kezzy said...

Gorgeous card it sounded like a fun wedding. The necklace is awesome. I hope you get your creativity back soon, mind you with these makes it sounds like it's coming back soon. Happy woyww :-) Kezzy xxx