Friday, April 05, 2013

Friday Feline and Easter Smiles

 This is dear Sayba …she has adopted this spot, over the radiator, this winter …and is just about willing to share it with a soft toy and dinosaur money boxes.

A couple of posts ago I spoke about our ‘Gentle men of the Road’ ….well here is Strippy who called by a few days ago  for a bask in the sun …while it was shinning …. and a stroke. Alice has been around almost every day for some food ...bless him
 Nahla aka Puppy is  sure  The Easter Bunny dropped these baskets of to help with the hunt;
 Why did that furry thing leave chocolate in such an undignified place???????

Robbie after the hunt ...looking at his hawl
 Kris getting down to the eating of his.
Hope one of these brought you a smile drop over to Annies at a Stitch in Time for more.
Take Care xx

PS Kris was so sick later were Vicki and Jay ...still not sure who had a bug ????


Deb said...

Sayba is so adorable. Isn't it fun seeing the grand-kids at Easter. We had lots of fun with our two. Hugs, Deb

Cardarian said...

Oh this post certainly did bring a smile to my face!
Lots of hugs,

Annie said...

So many smiles at yours today Shozzy. Just sorry to hear you've had the bug too. There is lots of it around.
A x

Twiglet said...

Aw - so cute little moggies. Those Easter treats look tasty too! x Jo

Anneliese said...

Lovely shots of the cats and of grandie - And thanks for visiting my post about keyboard cover. Fun to make. Fun to use up old blocks which just lingered about in drawers and on shelves being looked at for months and put back again.

crafty cat corner said...

Ours like the table in the kitchen, this is over a radiator.
The tabbies are lovely, I haven't had a tabby cat for years but I love them.
Kids are cute too.

Alison said...

Lovely photos Angie! xx

Arkansas Patti said...

Cats know the best places to nap.
How awful that the bug is hitting your family. Nasty way to spoil the day. Hope all are well soon.

famfa said...

Lovely post

Rian said...

Sayba looks *so comfy*! And your grandson looks like he enjoyed his Easter goodies. Sorry to hear that the 'bug' was around. Hope it's gone now. We can't leave our grandkids Easter baskets out or the cats will climb into them (on top of candy and all) or Julie will eat the cellophane (she has this *thing* for plastic wrap).

Carol said...

Gorgeous photos, what lovely cats and your grandson got a great haul! Sorry you have the bug, hope all are feeling better now.
Carol xx

Caro said...

Sayba is gorgeous and so sensible to find such a comfy warm spot. I love the Easter egg hunt...what a fantastic haul! Thanks for sharing. Caro #6

fairy thoughts said...

great photos you can't have too much chocolate at easter can you...

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ahh, lovely pics of the cats and the kids :-)
Anne x

crafty cat corner said...

Just another comment to say thanks for visiting the blog.
I don't have greenery indoors and had forgotten that the cats like it, I don't think they are actually eating it, just making it into a mess. lol