Monday, April 22, 2013

Wedding part 2 ....a few more photos

Moments captured by others

This was a table setting ...before anyone sat down ..I wanted to show you the material  Fortune Cookies Emma made (look closely, they are on the little plates)...each one had  words of wisdom and a Hershy kiss inside. Each gentleman had a decorated tin of mints,each lady, a fan and each child a bag of Dolly Mixtures.Earlier the children were also given a Fun Bag with little toys and sweets inside. Under the centre piece were pages from old damaged books ...another touch that makes it personal ...Emma loves literature.

 The green canapes were the HOT ones ...the others were yummy

 Ben loved the fan and did not want to give it back

This was one of the hankies placed on the chairs at the ceremony ...hand stamped by the couple ...she probably made them too.

 An exhausted Olly with Grand dad
A happy Jay and Kris
 And this is one of me just before we left for the wedding...I hate having photos reminds me I'm getting old ...that's the necklace I was making.
 This is Manny ....Kris' Teddy bear ...who had to come dressed appropriately.

And here are two tired little chaps with their Dad, at the end of the very long day ....  beautifully captured by Best Man, Neil.

Take care xx


crafty cat corner said...

That looks like a well thought out wedding, really lovely little touches.
You look a million dollars Angie, really...but I know what you mean about having your photo taken, I hate it...

Annie said...

Gorgeous photos Angie. Thanks for sharing.
If you have a template of the invites I'd really love to see it. Thanks for the offer.
Annie x

Rian said...

Wow, Angie, Emma really did a lot of work on that wedding. I hope she had help... (Steve of course and other family members). And it turned out beautifully.

And I really like your picture! I don't like to have my pic taken either, so usually I'm the one behind the camera... not in front of it.

Morning's Minion said...

Angie; Your hair always looks so lovely!
Emma is a gifted woman, nothing amateurish about those decorations.
I'm thinking that the many photos from this event will provide you with inspiring material for cards and scrapbook pages.

Arkansas Patti said...

Loved that wonderful picture of you. You stole the show.
Cute idea for the happy tears hankie. Who doesn't cry at weddings.

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh my word how glam and lovely you looked, you msut have felt a million dollars. yhe photos are goreous, didnt Emma work hard onthe little touches, just lovely. the dining room looks a,azing, what a great venue.

Carmen said...

More gorgeous, gorgeous photos. I love that picture of you - it's so lovely to see you and you looked AMAZING!

Quick question - is Spidey bear a Build a Bear? If so - I now know what to hunt down for my sister for Christmas. (Sorry to utter the C-word but am trying to be prepared this year!)

Peter said...

What a marvellous occasion, and so many thoughtful and clever decorations. What fun the Dr Who cake is. Loved the wedding dress and the gorgeous flash of yellow. And it is really nice to see you too! :)

JoZart said...

Fabulous tables and what super ideas Emma had to make their day so personal and special.
I think your photo is really lovely. You look so special and you really should be proud of your self. I don't worry now about how I look... people take me as I am and if they don't like what they see... tough! Try it, it's liberating and you may realise how good you really do look after all!
Jo x

Darnell J Knauss said...

Great photos of the wedding on both posts, Angie. Your handmade necklace is so pretty and goes great with your jacket. Old is better than dead so I'm trying hard to embrace the whole photos-of-me thing for the sake of the grandkids and their kids, but it IS really hard!! Thanks for sharing!