Sunday, April 21, 2013

THE WEDDING ....The first, and most important, part of our time in Belfast.

I could bore you with  so many photos but these few I hope will give you the flavour of the Wedding. There were so many details that made it Emma and Steves special day ... even to the lack of jackets ....I know I must have missed some of them.
Jake, Ben and Olly were the page boys ...led in by the bridesmaids ...Emmas best friend and then her sister ...and then her mum was in charge of Olly!!!!

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 Emma looked gorgeous and her proud Dad gave her away ....the dress was pale yellow with deep yellow petticoats and sash ...she decided finally on fresh spring flowers which her Mum made into bouquets and button holes.

 Here they all are ....Alex and Neil...the best men, are childhood friends of Steves ....Olly was missing because he wanted to play with the paper cranes.(there are some to the left)
 After the actual wedding we had  drinks and canapes of which was very hot I had to have another drink!!!! mean while Emmas cousins played a little traditional music and we all chatted.
 The fresh flowers of Emmas bouquet  were stunning were the decorations ....all made by Emma and put up by herself, and the bridesmaids with a little help from Jay and a couple of friends.
 These cranes were all folded by Steve and Emma and are a Japanese token of good luck
 They were every where ....I think there were a thousand in all ... of every colour and size.
Some were made from music paper to remember my husband and Emmas paternal grand parents who were musicians

 The invites and order of service had the 'geek' touch and there was a hanky on each seat stamped with 'For Your Happy Tears', and a flag to wave ...all made by Emma ....probably helped a little by Steve.
Lets not forget the tables ....designed by Emma ....and the centre pieces ....made by Steve and Emma.
They were paper roses with tiny cranes sitting on them ...and a tiny Lego figure hidden in them which matched the table name.

 And then there was the Wedding  Cake ..... made to strict instructions.

The symbols on the cake are the language of the home planet of 'Dr Who' ....I will check the meaning but I think it is their names and something about you can see there are more cranes ...and the bride and groom are Lego to represent Ireland and the other England.

The meal was fantastic ...and large ... A chicken and bacon Caesar Salad ....Potato and Leek soup (to die for) ...Roast Turkey Dinner with everything you could wish for on the plate including the best ever Mashed potato ... and finally Profiteroles and ice cream.
There was Red wine and White ....and a non alcholic bottle too ...and champagne for the toasts....phew I had so many drinks the time I left I had consumed about 12 ....usually 4 knocks me out!!!!

Steve is not a dancer and Emma hates being in the limelight so this all was almost painful for them but they did take the floor for a first dance

I would love to tell you more and show  photos of the grandchildren ....and even one of me ...but ones of me are on Jays camera and will come on another post..

Please .....Raise a glass to the new Mr and Mrs Browning

Well done Emma .....all your hard work paid off was a wonderfully different wedding ....and we really enjoyed ourselves.... thankyou xx
Take Care xx


Rian said...

Angie, thanks so much for posting about the wedding. I'm taking it that no one else got the stomach flu and everyone made it to the wedding OK. That's great. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and everything looks beautiful. Isn't it great having the family all together... especially for something as happy as a wedding!

Arkansas Patti said...

Yikes, when did Olly get so big. Wonderful pictures of the wedding. Loved her dress and they make a handsome couple. Got tickled at the amount of drinks you consumed. You go girl.
In honor I am raising a glass of grape juice to the new couple.

Morning's Minion said...

Thank you for sharing photos and descriptions of this special occasion. I am in awe of the lovely handmade decorations. Where did Emma find the time to make them!

weaverpat said...

Oh, my, what a lovely wedding. It was made even more special with the creative decorations and flower arrangements. I love those oragami cranes!
Glad you had a wonderful time.

Best wishes to the new bride and groom!

Carmen said...

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, WOW! Andgie what an amazing wedding. Those cranes - I can't even get my brain around a thousand of them. Just beautiful. And the bunting and the paper flowers. .. the cake - oh wow the cake!

Brilliant photos - thank you so much for sharing x

They look a gorgeous couple too :)

Carmen said...

Sorry - ANGIE not Andgie. Fat fingers Cam here.

Neet said...

That looks like a wedding where everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Love the cake! And those cranes must have taken ages to make - what a fabulous keepsake (hope they kept them)
Have you recovered yet?
Hugs, Neet xx

JoZart said...

How lovely! Superb! What a super unique special wedding. So unusual! Congratulations to them both and every happiness for their future together. So many details I love The bride and groom look lovely, the cake so unusual, I adore the paper cranes and the star for me must be the bouquets.
Hope you are fully recovered and look forward to seeing more soon!
jo x