Thursday, October 15, 2009

WOYWW ??????????.. ... wk19

Yes I actually do know its not Wednesday ... I have had a strange last few days.
DS's partner Emma has been really ill and he has had to take time off to look after her and the boys. (His work is not happy ... but what could he do) He was so worried that he phoned to ask if I could get there, at a moments notice day or night, in case she was rushed in to hospital. I said I would come over to help anyway but they are so independent ..they like to stand on their own two feet and not have an extra two to worry about or trip over!! .... and they don't want to pass anything on if they can help it.
I now have an emergency bag packed with the cab fare for a 40 mile+ journey ... if called at night ... as none of us over this end drive and don't feel I can wake up either of our nice neighbours. One is 80+ and the other has two little girls.
I do not think a night time dash is going to be needed now as I feel she has turned the corner but I am glad they know I am ready and willing to do it. I think I shall keep the bag packed though... just in case they need the future.

To take my mind off things I tried to scrap the final heritage DLO ... before concentrating on Xmas cards ...brain not functioning at all ...seemed so simple in my head but now it is just NOT working for me. By the way I didn't tidy ...took your advice and moved a few bits. However I will HAVE to, once I have sorted this LO, as I will need a fresh start and a Christmas head on, ready for the manufacture of cards.

I then turned my thoughts to Family History ... I am working back on my Scottish roots ... trying to make up for what I lost in 2002 when my unbacked up computer ...yes you read it correctly and yes I can hear the cries of 'IDIOT' ... crashed completely and I lost everything. I am not sure I will ever retrace it all but who knows. I am working on the main trunk and a few branches and twigs as they surface. Well ... on Wednesday morning I found a clue and following it up I uncovered a branch of the family from way back. Many would not bother it as it was from my Great Grandmother's older sister but I became like a Terrier with a fresh bone and cannot leave it.
Then I found another sister with her son in 1901 but when I journeyed back through the other census' there was nothing !!!! and suddenly the day and most of the evening had gone.
Yes I did move to get food etc but found it very hard to tear myself away for very long ..... I did suffer though, as inactivity .... of anything but eyes and fingers .... not only seized up my back and knees ... but caused my ankle to swell too. Oh the joys of growing old ..... not lol

Well here is my area any way ...with my LO that I'm working on ...not sure of where it is going... not even sure I like the background paper now.!!

Oh yes ...nearly forgot I managed to break my normal glasses ...totally .... no chance of repair. Mind you they were hanging on by a thread and I was overdue for an eye test ...but there are many calls on the funds and I was hoping it would all wait until January/February. I do have a spare reading pair and one set up for my computer but I have never been 100% happy with them I fear I will have to go and get some new ones ....soon ...but the frames will be from the cheap end of the rack this time. lol

Finally here is Buffy towering over me while I try to scrap

She is our oldest now .... 14 years old ... not bad for her age ...she was a Ferrel kitten that DD brought home at about 4 months. All she ate for the first few weeks, were stolen potatoe peelings.

Take Care xx


Morning's Minion said...

That black and white kitty has such a dear, wise face. J's darling cat has barfed three times this morning [delicate stomach, according to the vet] and I made him clean up after the thrid event.
Like you, I end up following every lead that turns up in Family History. The latest was finding my g-g-g-grandfather's brother and family in Illinois--far from family roots in upstate New York. A lot of hours and squinting at records on the PC--but it fitted in a piece of the family puzzle. Those of us who do FH have to be a bit mad!

Anne said...

Ooh, your poor DIL - hope she's on the mend now.

I know what you mean about getting going on the family history stuff - I have spent days stuck in front of the computer - my other half goes to work, comes back and I'm still in exactly the same position! And then I try to convince him that it's all been worthwhile because I've found a great, great grandmother's sister or something!

Lovely pussycat pictures - love the look of your organisation underneath him!

LadyBug said...

Lovely seeing your desk today. I missed you yesterday :( Sounds like a good day with the FH on the computer (back it up this time please :) I do hope your DS's partner gets better soon. and that Kitty if just beautiful!!! very striking and looking amazing for 14!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Cor, themiles seem very very long when these sort of situations crop up, I know exactly how unsettling it is. Glad to hear that Emma's slowly winning though, what a fab hubbie. As for your desk - looks great, sun bouncing off that lovley duck and fascinating stuff going on. I like the paper, but I would say that, I'm not the one to make it work!! Sorry about your glasses - gah..I had £200 worth of new dentistry fall out on Tuesday - fixed now, but no-one apologised and certainly didn't crack so much as a smile when I suggested if it happens again, maybe I'll just get my money back and live without the crown!

Carmen said...

You are not the only naughty one that didn't back up - I lost a lot of photos when my last pc went kapoot. Cry? Niagra Falls. Still it's a lesson, all be it tough one, learned isn't it?

And at 32 I sieze up as well. My back mainly but just lately my leg goes dead too so I get up and have a mooch around, go raid the biccie barrel and make a cuppa ;) The new desk is so much higher than my old one though and is helping the back no end. Loving it.

I hope your family all feel better soon, the worrying must be terrible for you :(

Carmen said...

p.s NOTHING stops me eating chocolate ;)

Ann said...

Missed you yesterday. Wondered if you were ill, instead it's your family. I do hope Emma gets well soon so you can 'stand down' and stop worrying.
Your cat still looks a bit mean in the eyes. I'd be very careful approaching her I think!

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Oh dear,pleased your DD is on the mend, hopefully :)
I stopped my tree for a while because it was taking over my life!!! and yes, hours dissappear :o
Hope everything stays in the right direction with DD and you don't get any calls.
Julie xx

my5bratz said...

glad to hear Emma is on the mend and I TOTALLY understand being on pins and needles...Kris is 3.5 hours away and I quite often feel the distance when he's in trouble

I relate to losing stuff...I had a years worth of photos including Maddison's brand new baby photo's and back them up to an external harddrive and THAT well as a heap of Craft Robo files and digital stamps Id purchased..I was put off getting a replacement for almost a year but relented this week as my laptop was tooo full...I did go to a data recovery place and got back some of my files...

my5bratz said...

p.s meant to mention puss...can see Tilly doing that as she is starting to sit on shelves, whether its on the DVD player or on the scanner shelf on my desk...but her fave spot at the minute is curled up in Tor's dolls

Jocelyn said...

Oh must be glad to hear that Emma is feeling a bit better.....I can't create when so much is going on!!! I just adore your kitty and she looks great for 14....if only I aged that well!!!! Love the desk photo!!! So sorry about you glasses!!!

Debsg said...

Cute kitty and love the duck watching over your work.

Emilie said...

Hope your DIL is better now! Your son must be so thankfull that you are ready to drop everything for them!
The work you are doing on your familly history is amazing! Maybe you should have been a detective (jessica fletcher kinda way...)
Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! it mean sooo much! DH said the same but I think it was probably because I am the one feeding him, lol. I have to admit I was a bit upset by the results but I think it's what happen in competitions: tastes and colors...

Carmen said...

Sorry Angie I meant to leave you this recipe over the weekend but I forgot ;) This is my Mums rock cake recipe and it is soooo easy:

12oz SR flour
Pinch of salt
6oz marg
6oz sugar
4.5oz mixed fruit
Qtr teaspoon mixed spice
Qtr teaspoon nutmeg
1 egg
Milk to mix

Mix it all to a thick consistency not runny.

Using a tablespoon dollop onto a greased baking tray (don't pat down)

Bake in a pre-warmed oven. I bake them at 200 but I cook EVERYTHING at 200 ;) for around 10/15 mins. Till they are golden.

Voila ;)

Carmen said...

p.s have you visited Green Pixies blog today? ;)

Linda (UKS Gadget Monkey) said...

what gorgeous pets you have, I have 3 black and white cats similar to yours.