Monday, October 12, 2009

An Award

I am a BAD blogger ....why you may ask ...or maybe you don't. The reason is I do not always follow through with awards. The main reason is that I am a dunce when it comes to certain things on the computer and Links are the bain of my life. No matter how many times I am shown I forget. I have 3 awards pending .... one from my daughter, one from Samantha and one from Joceyln. DD says 'don't worry about it' so she keeps going to the bottom of the list so I am going to sort Samantha's out to day as I have someone here that does links lol

It is in fives ... Just fulfill the normal courtesies of contacting the giver and 5 recipients .... then list 5 things you are addicted to ...easy really but if you don't have the time ....or cant do links ...I really understand ...just accept the award which is sent with love.

My Five (main) Addictions
1. Strawberry Tarts .... have to have one if I pass a bakers.
2. Shopping for bargains ... especially food ones.
3. TV Soaps .... getting better over the past year ...used to be following 7 only 3
4 Family History ... if I get a clue I sit glued to the computed trying to make deductions from what I can find ...a whole day can disappear
5. Stash for Scrapping ...cannot have enough ...only the lack of funds is slowing down my acquisitions to birthdays and Xmas.

I award this to the following people:
Linda E
Sue H

The Award will show on G the P sidebar as I think that is what it was awarded for ....again I send a huge thank you to Samantha and a grovelling sorry for the delay .

Take Care xx

PS Should have had X-Factor as one of my addictions lol


Jocelyn said...

Thank you sweet friend for passing this along to me!!! I loved reading about you!!!!! Wishing you a great week!!!! :-)

Carmen said...

Some pretty understandable addictions there ;) Though not the soaps - just Eastenders for me and only then because Craig is the addict. He used to be terrible for the soaps but we've weaned him down to just that one. I think it was easier for him as it was an addiction he shared with my Mum and he kind of lost heart with them when we lost her.

Strawberry tarts - I haven't had one of those in to long!

Julia Dunnit said...

Mmm strawberry tarts..a totally forgivale indulgence. I don't do the soaps - not out of snobbery, purely the wrong time of day for me. As for awards - we're all guilty...just enjoy!

Linda Elbourne said...

Of course I saw your comment ... I read all my comments because it is just like having a friend pop by to say Hi! Thank you so much for thinking of me ... you made my day X

Strawberry tarts ... yummy and I am a Neighbours addict ... but only coz it is on at exactly the right time of day :0)

Morning's Minion said...

I am amazed at how clever some folks are with their blogs. I have no patience with technology and not much skill either! When I first started my blog, I spent hours setting up a custom page, sort of trial and error. I think it was nearly right when I somehow "lost" the whole thing and decided to use one of the "templates" and get on with it.
Isn't it marvelous how some small clue in family research can set us off for hours of meandering through time--piles of scribbled notes and a mind stuffed with the details of people dead and gone!

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Thank you hun LOL

Doh, just realised I sent it to linda too :(

LadyBug said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm with you on the strawberry tarts :) The nine Lo's I did att he weekend are just little ones for the wedding book all 21cmx21cm so nothing amazing really. I'm hoping to get the book finished soon, but I think that won't happen this week as I have to make 40 odd cupcakes for the retreat this weekend and they are going to take some time to do!

my5bratz said...

Congrats on teh award, I TOTALLY understand and as for your "addictions" they sound ok to :0)

Peter said...

That made me smile at the end of a long working day which is quite an achievement (worth another award!!). Mmmm, I like the sound of strawberry tarts. We used to have a thing about cream buns after church a million years ago. They were the sort with the yummy blob of slightly rubbery strawberry jam in the middle of the cream. Quite delicious anyway!

Bernie said...

oh I have one just waiting for me to takr it's just I have to nominate TEN other blogs if I do...which will take a bit of thinking about, LOL!!!
ah well!
Lovely blog!
Bernie x