Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wk 20 ..... WOYWW ... minus photo

I am glad to say that Emma is on the mend ...still feeling drained but coping and there was no call for help needed. Thank you for all your good wishes for her speedy recovery ....still no idea what she had though ... some sort of nasty throat virus we think.

This is my 100th post since I started blogging ... sort of a cheat as it includes both blogs, so I'm not celebrating until this blog reaches the magic number ... on its own.

I'm sorry there is no photo this week but my camera is not at hand !!!! ... can't blame the cats this time ... or can I ?? I have probably buried it while trying to do some housework ... how I hate that word ... why does the boring part of life get in the way of the enjoyable fun part. Sometimes the call of the cleaning paraphernalia is so strong I have to answer them and do some cleaning and tidying... don't want then to feel unloved ... couldn't cope with a depressed hoover or a sulky mop ... mind you it has not extended to the craft area. It looks just like it did last week, except those bits that were strew across the mat are all in a 12x12 bag... so NO need for a photo anyway.
I really could not get it all to gel so gave up. I then turned my thoughts to another LO .... yes I know that it was meant to be the last before I attacked Xmas cards but once the cogs actually start to whirl slowly, there was no way I could ignore them. I have put them both away for a few days ... hoping that when I go to my DD crop on Saturday, I can get them done ...well I have to take something and appear to be creative ...cant just natter. Maybe I will take a few card bits too case I'm inspired.

I have been doing quite a bit of my own FH again ... so exciting when one gets a lead and then I find a family of 13 children ... births 1766 to 1788 in Fife. Four died in child hood ... this I know as the name of each was reused for the next of that sex to be born. This usually means the name is one that is to be passed down ... but if it is out side the naming pattern, it is also important to the family. The first two to be born were twin boys ... twins just seem to keep popping up .... wish there were pictures of these people. I now need to find out what was happening around this time to get a feel for things. I know that 1766 saw the final departure of Bonny Prince Charlie from the shores of Scotland ... saw a documentary on him and how he let his followers down ... wish I had recorded it as it also helped to explain some of the animosity between the English and the Scots.

Sorry about no photo ... just look at last weeks and it will be as though there was one lol

Take care xx


Ann said...

Glad to hear DIL is feeling better and that you don't have a sulky mop around the house!
Good luck with your family history search - it sounds like detective work is needed really and you obviously have the knack.
Look forward to a photo next week!

Jocelyn said...

I am so glad to hear that Emma is feeling better!!!!! Funny story about the sulky mop....Hoping you find lots of information about the family!!! Wishing you a wonderful day!!!! :-)

Julia Dunnit said...

Couldn't possibly let the domestic gadgets get depressed! Thank goodness Emma's on the mend, what a worry. Love your posts,and you know how interesting I find your FH and the history you attach to it. As for your desk..I imagine it well, and I think there's plenty of time for cards - if LO inspiration strikes, go with it.

Debsg said...

Congratulations on your 100 posts. I love detective work! Good luck.

Carmen said...

That's one thing I loved about growing up in Scotland, learning the history. Always seemed interesting to me - we didn't learn much about Bonnie Prince Charlie but we did a whole term on Robert the Bruce and I lived 20 minutes away from Dunfermline where I eventually got my first job after school. Robert the Bruces heart I think it was is allegedly buried in the abbey there. I spent many a quiet lunch hour walking round in the abbey. How sad am I? Love all that though ;)

Glad to hear Emma is on the mend - sounded horrible whatever it was.

The rock cakes - you do need very little milk it almost doesn't look right how stodgy it needs to be - I made that mistake the first few times I made them. I also used to do the splats the size I expected them to be not realising they swelled when cooking :P Giant rock cakes at the end ;) Glad youliked them - I love them, they always remind me of Mum and waking up at christmas to that smell coming up the stairs :)

my5bratz said...

glad to hear Em is better, sad you didn't "have" to babysit the boys tho....13 children!!! sheesh...5's a handful...(tho a couple of years ago I would have liked another for Tori...but Im over that yesterday wasn't as hot but it looks like it's going to warm up again today...give me winter...

Kerry said...

They certainly had a lot of children in past generations. My grandad was one of 12 (all survived to old age) and they had even more in previous generations.

Oh and a mitten not a sock with a big toe lol

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