Monday, March 30, 2009

Was Mothers Day Really a Week Ago

Steve and Emma were off to Ireland again with the boys and it was Emma’s birthday on the Sunday, her first Mothers day as a Mum so she wanted to be with her own Mum too. It was left to me to Cat Sit but I don’t mind as I see the boys at each end of the time I’m there but. I have to say that I was a tiny bit sad that I was going to be to be on my own on Mothers day. This feeling did not last for very long though as they presented me with a wonderful basket full of edible goodies including my favourite wine and a large box of chocs. Also a lovely Nana picture frame with a photo of the boys, a Tartan rug, coconut conditioner (my fav smell) and a film I really wanted to see …the list was endless. Mind you the first thing that popped into my head were thoughts on whether the basket should be utilized for toiletries or crafty bits. The fridge was also full of food for me including Strawberries and Cream.
Was I bothered to be on my own ….. NO.I think not.

The day I arrived I was left to look after Ben and Jake while Emma popped out. It wasn’t for long but I was determined that she would return to two beaming boys. I sang a few baby songs hoping that the words were correct but as no one was around to know otherwise I wasn’t too worried.
The effect they had on Ben can be seen here.

Jake however chortled at everything I sang and listened intently to me reading ‘Its not my Dragon’.

In fact I had to read it 3 times as his bottom lip trembled when I went to put the book down and the only way I could stop reading was to give him the book.

When they left the following morning, I tried to offer my services “Shall I …?.” “NO” came the resounding reply, in unison to all of my suggestions. I was being given a long weekend of doing nothing except playing on my DS game, watching films, eating and Chillin’. Shame I didn’t take any scrapping or card making bits with me …think what I might have achieved!!

What became abundantly clear, on their return was that I need a refresher course on Nursery Rhymes and similar songs. There were far too many ‘Mmm Mmm Mmmmm’s’, Lah la lah’s’,and ‘Dum de Dum’s’ over the few days I was playing with the boys, for a self respecting Nana to cope with and when I couldn’t remember all the words to Speed Bonny Boat ( an over sung favourite of my own two) that was the final blow. I feel I am not a qualified Nana and that study must start in earnest., as Ben and Jake will surely know whether I am cheating very soon !!!!

Can anyone recommend a good revision book?


Jo Power said...

I don't know of any books but most book shops sell nursery rhymn books. My son loved twinkle twinkle and you had to sing it hundreds of times just for him to clap and chuckle. DD used to like mamma's going to buy you a mocking bird which she used to fall asleep too.
Have fun finding those rhymns

Sam said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time and you have two very gorgeus grandsons! Dont worry about the words, they dont know what your saying they just know that you are there with them having fun!!

my5bratz said...

i'm sure of you "googled" it you would find tons :0)

sounds like you had a wondeful time :0)

Julie said...

You had a wonderful time by the sound of it. Do you have a ELC or mothercare by you sure they would sell that type of book. Oh and the boys are soooooo cute.