Sunday, March 08, 2009

My Visit To the Boys

Yesterday was a GREAT day …. I was given birthday presents 3 days early (NOT stash orientated) and a very early Easter Egg which is now sitting taunting me. “Eat Me” it calls but I am trying to resist …. Not sure whether I can ignore the call ‘til Easter !!!!!

The VERY BEST part of yesterday was seeing Ben and Jake, not forgetting DS Steve and Emma. They have grown up so much in the past 2 months, the grandsons that is, not the parents !!! I cannot believe it is so long since I was over. I shall be seeing them again in two weeks though.

If I drove I would be over a lot more as it only takes a max of 45 mins but public transport is a bus and 2 trains and usually takes 2hrs + each way. I also know that too many visits can destroy the routine Emma has carefully devised and routine is the only thing that allows her to cope so well when she is alone with the boys. It seems to work well as they are such happy souls except if they are under the weather. Steve is a great dad and plays a big part in things, especially at night and on his days off. Never thought he had it in him but father hood has been good for him along with the love of a good woman.

Here are a few cute pics... well I think they are but then I'm their Nana.!

I have done a little scrapping this week and a new FH LO is on my ‘Glimpsing the Past’ Blog.These are 2 of the details ..........

The following LO will also go into my FH Album but it is designed to go with the LO, Sisters 3, which I did for the Cyber crop ( see earlier post). It is simple but hopefully captures the feel of the late part of the Art Deco period.

Here we have the oldest sister (MIL) with her stepmother, who was mother to Billie. (the youngest in the earlier LO) ….. hope you followed that!! and enjoy my blog.

Thanks for taking the time to look.


Debsg said...

I agree - they are cute pics. Love the ladies LO.

Jo Power said...

I have to say they are so cute. I love babies other peoples anyway mine are 6 and 8. Love the lo and so artdeco which was a great style. Loving the blog by the way

Anneliese said...

they are gorgeous babies :D ... loved the stitching you'd done .. was that on K&Co Blue awning paper ?

Angie said...

Yes it was ... love it for vintage LO

Julia Dunnit said...

Your LOs are just lovely..but those babies are just GORGEOUS!! Oh I could just..snuggle! How much work!!