Friday, March 13, 2009

FOOD for thought!

I have just finished making a hearty homemade soup for supper and thought about the fact that I actually have a third passion (see About Me) and that is cooking. Although I enjoy most cooking and baking, my passion is for creating meals from leftovers and stretching ingredients for all their worth!!!.. The other night I made my Barley Mince (or to be more honest my Mum’s) and it produced 4 large portions but contained only 200g of mince. It was still tasty with the help of ‘old fashioned’ Bisto and very filling served with mash. At this time of watching the pennies it is a useful passion.

I have just finished this LO of Harry(my friends son) and am about to do one to sit next to it. I tend to either produce a DL or have 2 x SL that are visually connected, in some way, even if only I can see it!
I know this is a simple LO but the face says it all!

My next projects will be LO’s of the twins and more for the FH Album but I need to put in a large order to Photo Box. I am so disorganized that I shall probably find some of Ben and Jake that I haven’t scrapped yet so I better have a hunt ... and a tidy!
Thanks for looking .... Angie


Coffeedoff said...

Lovely LO.

Your barley mince sounds nice. Any chance of the recipe.

Elizabeth said...

Lovely LO - like the stitching!

Julia Dunnit said...

Lovely, lovely LO, such a cutie! I'm a single LO gal, so am in some awe..

Sam said...

really nice LO, and loved reading your blog!