Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just a quickey

Here I am tapping away with two fingers at nearly 2am wondering why I'm not in bed when I need to be up earlyish to visit the twins. I am also going over to Cat sit while they are away for a few days. I have had a little blop and I really should go to bed but my mind has turned to toast. In fact I can even smell it but thankfully, for my ever expanding waist line, I'm too lazy to go and make it ... tired is probably a better word.
I bid you all a fuzzy 'Good Night' and sweet dreams to those happily in the land of nod already ... which is probably most of you.
Will be back blogging in the middle of next week. xx

1 comment:

my5bratz said...

LOL...I CAN RELATE TO THIS POST..(oops sorry bout the capitals..hehe)

Have a good time cat sitting :0)