Friday, May 30, 2008

Value for money.............NOT!!!!!!!

One of the things I forgot to say about myself is that I’m addicted to bargains but they have to be things I actually need other wise they are not bargains. This starts with food shopping as a main priority and moves into the realms of all other commodities including scrapping. I also believe in value for money and that is probably even more important to me. For this reason I have to have a moan today.

When my daughter was purchasing an item for her crop I added a tin of Gelly gems. There was no dimensional information given but I assumed that the gems were of a moderate size, complementing the rest of my hoard, and that the tin would be full as £3.99 was far more than I usually spend. Yes I admit it … it was an impulse buy and I should know better.

Well they arrived this morning.. ..What a disappointment!!!!
Normally full price for a sheet of 72 round gem type things is 1.99 but if you look around it can drop to as low as £1.20.

Also if you are under the same illusion I was that they are Jelly, you would be wrong, they are hard plastic cabochon style gems…. Another disappointment!!!

The tin is tiny and the only gems in it are visible. Yes there are 72 and an assortment but I feel this Gel-A Tin is poor value for money and I have to say think before you buy.

Here is a photo comparing the tin with an SD card from my camera and a normal sheet of cabochon style epoxy gems.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

On the soapbox......AGAIN!

Third night of the semi finals of BGT and I’m a little disappointed in the British public and I am also beginning to think, that if you are over 16 and don’t have rippling muscles there is very little point of applying to the show unless you are extraordinary and then you would probably have been discovered already. I also feel that there are too many over sixteen singers who should have applied to X-Factor and far to many dance troops who are stars only through the eyes of their parents.
I have to say that the very best so far was the young boy dancer, George Sampson, who won last night.

He will be the Fred Astaire/Gene Kelly/Usher of today and tomorrow …and then some.

I then ask myself, if the prize is to appear on a variety show then why was Hoop La La not in the top 3. They were so entertaining with a little camp humour from the lad and amazing stunts with their Hoopla Hoops …yes those large plastic rings that everyone had in the early 60’s and again in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s most of which were consigned to the shed or the dump because so few of us new what to do with them, even if we had managed to get them to rotate more than twice around our waist. I can still remember rolling mine down hills and chasing them, (yes I had more than one!) at a snails pace hoping that I would never see them again and would have a good explanation for going home empty handed.

Hope you enjoy this video.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stash Ban? ....What Stash Ban

For those of you who are not scrappers or card makers this self inflicted ban means I must not buy anything related to my hobby for the foreseeable future, as my credit cards are groaning under the strain.

The problem is I have very little will power which is probably why my knees are yelling " Diet or we strike" and the doughnuts and strawberry tarts across the road are crying "Eat me". You have guessed it ... I have tuned out my knees but I can clearly hear the cakes calling!
Well while trying not to think about cigarettes and trying not to pop out to the bakers, a mere 100 yards away, for one of their glorious toffee doughnuts,I decided to surf the stash shops for a bit of virtual window shopping .....BIG MISTAKE .... I should have got the doughnut.

I unfortunately stumbled across K& Co's Blue Awning and a love affair began so strong that resistance was futile ...and the parcel will be delivered in a few days!!!!

Having confessed this I am off to hang my head in shame.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Precious Moment

Thought I would do some scrapping and chose to do Lisa and her son Harry.

Lisa has amazing red hair which is actually Titian and changes in intensity according to mood. I have witnessed this when we worked together!!!

She had the amazing ability to grasp every new task without needing a second lesson and I am sure she is taking to motherhood just as efficiently... with a little help from hubby Mark.

I wonder whether Harry is going to end up with Titian red hair.

Watch This Space

If you watch this video you may be left wondering if this guy is talented or rubbish and if he is talented, where does he fit in, in the world of entertainment. This is how I felt until I saw his performance on Monday night having taken Simon's words to heart.

All I can say is this guy is brilliant...... sorry Simon you are so wrong.

Normally Simon Cowell talks a lot of sense and 80% of the time I agree with him but this time he's got it wrong and so has the British public. Danny La Rue and Dame Edna just prove that a drag act can be very successful and I am sure both have appeared at a Royal Command Performance. Tracy Lee Collins is as talented as they are, in fact he has a far far better voice and all that he needs to do is incorporate his amazing wit into the act. I certainly would be entertained by him in a variety show and lets not forget his potential as a Pantomime Dame.

A Bit About ME

If my ramblings are to be read by others in the outside world then maybe I should say a little about myself. I am 61 but not the average 61. No I'm not a Jane Fonda or Joan Collins in fact just the opposite, physically, more like an 80 year old weeble on legs. Mentally I still feel 30- 40 which is very hard when I find myself admiring a yummy 30 year old male.
I feel saddened by what is happening in the world and about the young of this country. Unless a miracle happens the future seems very bleak. The young need to be believed in so they can believe in themselves and those that need to carry knives and guns need the most help ...and fast.
In a lighter vein I feel I should explain the Blog title. When Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne's reality programme was aired and every one shared their day to day life, both my grown up children said that I was a mix of the two of them with regards to how I had brought them up, so they gave me the nick name Shozzy. In fact the blog was nearly called Angie's Cafe, as that is what my youth Club members called my home, when they dropped in for a coffee and a sandwich when at a loose end, way back at the end of the 70's. I love cooking too and I may jot the odd recipe down here some time ..... I have a great one for a Coconut cake.

I also love Scrap booking and Card making and I really must get back to Family History. As you can see my interests do not promote a fit healthy life style. I have however given up smoking after 46years and am quite proud of myself ....5 months and still sticking to it. My only problem is that the pounds have piled on even more and if I do not eat something sweet and sticky after meals, I crave a ciggy. The only other time I crave is when I'm stressed so I think I'm doing OK.

My other passion is watching Talent Shows like X Factor. Most times I have the knack of picking the winner, after only the first or second live show. One year I knew that Fantasia would win American Idol after her first audition ...what a talented lady she is. I also often spot who will be a star out of those who are eliminated and I am going to get up on my soap box in my next post, over Britain's Got Talent and there will be several posts like that over this week I expect.

I shall close now as I really need a coffee before inflicting my opinions upon you.

Monday, May 26, 2008


My daughter is always going on about her blog and I read it when she updates it which is quite often, so I got to thinking maybe I would like one as well. So here I am on my new adventure. Welcome to my new cyber home.