Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Day out along the East Neuk Crail

This was my  trip to Crail last week,….alas the sun was not shinning and it was a little  muggy but at least there was nor a rain drop in sight..
This is about 1 1/2 hours from me by bus …thank goodness for my free old age bus pass.
This is what met me as I alighted .

CRAIL…or as it was once known, Karel ….was thought to be in existence at the time of the Picts …(early Celtic Medieval times)…it was a Trading and Fishing port in the 12th Century …and held the largest Market in Europe at the Market square.

  Burghs were created in Scotland from the 12th century. They had the right to hold markets, levy customs and tolls  and this was the original use for the Tollbooth shown above (the building with the tower).
Robert the Bruce, when King, gave it Royal Burgh status in the early quarter of the Thirteen hundreds and this entitled it to have an elected council led by a Provost  and Baillies (civic officers) who also acted as magistrates over local crimes. The Tollbooth housed accused criminals awaiting trial, and debtors. It also was where public punishment took place, having stocks and whipping posts outside and occasionally  it was the place of execution resulting in the  displaying the severed  head.

I stopped at two eateries ….firstly, morning coffee at Julia's Café on the High Street

....all walls were  festooned in art work … and the tempting home baking made it hard to choose …I went for Lemon and Poppy seed scones ….and was not disappointed.
 I chose a quiet time …but by the time I left it was full.

Lunch was at Crail Harbour Café …on the way down to the Harbour.

  ….although the actual wood smoked salmon  was wonderful the salad was boring and I hate crisps with a meal…the view from my table and the friendly staff made up for it though.

 Crail Harbour is surrounded by 17th Century houses and cobbled streets making it a popular spot for artists to sit and create.. …shame it was low tide.

 I had a lovely chat to this lady who was part of a group of artists who meet regularly at the harbour ...she had been up at 5am to capture the sun rise in a Water colour ...the colours she had used were beautiful.

Lobsters and crab are still landed at Crail …. and I love seeing the baskets piled up on the cobbles.
 This final shot is a little bit of a mystery …apparently there is no remaining evidence of the original castle and I cant find anything about a fort  so what is this turret and wall, high up on the cliff ….maybe I need a visit to the Crail Museum and ask.
There’s a lot more to see ... and history to research ... so I think I need to go back …and sample more scones of course.

Hope you enjoyed my day out 
Take Care xx


Alison said...

What a wonderful historical town! I love visiting places like this Angie...thanks for the E-tour!
Alison xx

Deb said...

Oh my goodness, that is a wonderful place. How fortunate you are to be able to visit. I love cafes that hold art work from the locals around here so I would have been very intrigued with the one you enjoyed. Beautiful buildings and such history. Wonderful. If you go back please take us along. :)

Arkansas Patti said...

I am always so amazed at how deep your history goes. During the 12th century we were still a place where buffalo roamed and natives squabbled amongst themselves with nary a white man in sight.
It must be so amazing to walk on ground so steeped in history. Thanks for letting us tag along.

Morning's Minion said...

The sort of day out I would enjoy. Thank you for the history lesson.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie, I really enjoyed your post and loved the photos of the old buildings, harbour, boats and lobster pots. Great information on the formation of Royal Burghs and how interesting that Crail had such a large market at one time. Hope you find out more about that turret one day. Elizabeth xx
PS: those scones sounds very 'moreish' :)