Friday, June 07, 2013

Friday Smiles ….Cats have their boxes but Holly has her loo roll !!!.

 …well the cardboard inner bit …

 She has so much fun with it….and it makes me smile….maybe I’ll try for a video one week.

An interesting fact for you about Pygmy hedgehogs …not only do they like cats but they have the same time clock as cats. At first we thought Holly was nocturnal but after Vicki reading even more about them, we discovered they are not actually nocturnal. Like cats, they tend to be  alert at dawn and  sleep heavily from late morning ‘til late afternoon and even on until dusk, in the summer. They will sleep again until the early hours and then have a mad hour or so …those of you who have several cats  will be used to the thunder of paws and the insect hunting that goes on around 1am.
 Ever since we discovered this and organized play time around the time slots, she is much happier. She still gets up for a run on her wheel at about 1am so we have to remember to pop  it back into her sleeping quarters and as she now sleeps downstairs she no longer disturbs any ones sleep with the continuous rattling of the apparatus….unless I have fallen a sleep on the sofa.!!!


 The sun also makes me smile and we have had a week of it …I rather feel that this is our summer has actually been over 60F …they say around 65F …. but I think it has actually been higher and may have reached 70F or more at midday or when the air is still.
This is a shot from my day out on Tuesday... look at that glorious blue sky …watch this space for some more photos over the weekend …and a little history maybe.

Hope Holly …. or the view ….made you smile today.

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Take Care xx


Annie said...

Little Holly always makes me smile. Hope she doesn't get her head stuck :-) bless her x
Annie x

crafty cat corner said...

Hi Angie
Are pygmy Hedgehogs natual to this country, before your posts I had never heard of them.
He's a lovely little thing and the fact that he gets on with the cats is brilliant because it gives him company.
As I think I've told you, my son lives in Ayr and usually he gets a couple of weeks of nice weather and counts it as his summer. lol

Twiglet said...

Well that view is blissful - thanks for sharing. We are enjoying lovely sunshine today. x Jo

Laura said...

Lovely view :)

Caro said...

Holly is adorable and I can't wait to see a video of her antics at some point. The view is stunning. Thanks for the smile! Caro x (#8)

Carol said...

Tales of Holly always bring a smile, fancy them getting on with cats. I bet cats treat them with respect too.
It has indeed been fabulous weather, like you I'm wondering if this will be our summer, hope it last a little longer.
Have a lovely weekend.
Carol xx

Gill Edwards said...

I love Holly, i want my own Holly, dont tell hubby though lol
thanks for the smile

Gill x

Arkansas Patti said...

I never knew hedgehogs were so amusing. I can see where she might like cats but I would be afraid the cats might like her too much. How nice she doesn't need high price toys.

Carmen said...

Oh I love little Holly, she does sound a real character!

We're up to Loch Ness in August - try and keep those nice blue skies for us x

BumbleVee said...

Your postings always make me smile....always something fun or interesting or amazing....

Elizabeth said...

Holly is so cute and it's interesting to read that her routine is much like a cat's. I chuckled at the mention of a mad hour ... Bonnie seems to have her's just after tea-time most evenings and what a din makes too :) Elizabeth xx