Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taking a blog break while house sitting

Just to let you know that I'm off to look after my sons house while he and his family are off to Ireland to sort some of the details for their wedding next year ...and also have a few days at Emma's family caravan.
Jake is so much better and I cant wait to see him... if only for a day before they are away. ...A big thank you from all of us,to all who kept him in their thoughts.

 I thought I would take the oportunity to have a Blog  rest... and  hopefully I will return to the keys with energy and some crafting to show ...maybe ... and some knitting projects too.

Thought you might like to share this day at the beach ....not planned but we had sun for a whole day...yes I kid you not ... and I had picnic munchies in the freezer....we actually only spent money on icecream ....thats what I call a good day out....and the boys really enjoyed themselves.

 Barneby and Ellie are gradually being introduced to the others and making friends with them too. With some there is little hope that friendship will grow but as long as they learn to tollerate each other thats fine.

This is Rusty and Barneby ...Rusty was a sleep ....Barneby thought he would wake him..... and then found a nipple !!!!! Rusty let him know that he was not  his mum and found the whole thing a little unnerving as you can see from his face. 
They are good friends but Rusty keeps forgetting that he is so much bigger and stronger than the little ones when they play fight.

I'm off now .....will be back in a couple of weeks or so ....
Take Care xx

Monday, July 16, 2012

Beauty ....and some updates

Update on Jake ...things are looking up ...the doctor is pleased with his progress and says they can go on holiday in a coupke of weeks, as its only over in Ireland.,,,as long as they keep a watchful eye on it all.
Update on me ...Had an eye appointment and they discovered cataracts beginning in both eyes ....left a little worse.... no wonder I thought things were a little hazy. lol

Now back to my post .....

 This is the first bloom on the rose bush I was given as a Birthday/Mothers Day present from Steve, Emma and the boys ...what is even more  beautiful is the strong scent ...it reminds me of rose turkish delight which I love.

This is beautiful because its nature surviving at all odds ....this clematis was hacked down to an inch above ground ...just before the tiny buds swelled, earlier this spring ...and now look at it....7' and growing.

 This is  pure kitten beauty ....the sort we used to see on a chocolate box in years gone by ...Barneby and Ellie a couple of days ago.

 And this is the beauty of a young child who had his problems but is unaware of them and smiles his way through life ... Robbie with his head stuck in his jumper....no tears just smiles while he waits for Nana Anja to capture the moment before freeing him ...naughty Nana Anja.

Take Care xx

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Things not going so well for Jake

Not great news for Jake at the hospital on Friday …I'm afraid the infection is more of a problem than was at first thought.  He has lots more appointments and possibly another hospital stay to look forward to. We pray it is not as bad as it could be and that  he'll be okay …they had a much needed holiday planned for the end of the month too….not sure what is happening now.

PLEASE keep the prayers and positive vibes coming ..

Thank Youxx

Monday, July 09, 2012

Jakes Home

Just a quick one to day.... Emma rang me to let me know that he is home ....with a drain ... and a dressing that will not stay stuck ....well have you ever tried to stop a 4 year old talking and eat with out mess. He has loads of follow up appointments and she has to see their own Doctor to day ...that will be fun as you have to know you will be ill 2 days in advance where they live ...she says she will just sit and wait until she sees someone ...and with 3 young children getting bored ...and noisey .... she hopes it will not be too long lol.

We shall have to just wait to see if the infection returns and to see the final results ....thank you again for all your posative thoughts and prayers ...they really helped ... please keep him in your hearts for the next little while.

Thank You xx

Friday, July 06, 2012

UPDATE ... Jake is not doing well ...

The operation seemed to have gone well  and he was sent home ...the following day there was swelling but one felt it was to be expected ....this morning it was so swollen his eye could not open so he was rushed in.
He is now waiting to go into surgery and he may need another within a few days...although blood tests are not showing infections the doctors say they know there is a lot inside the cheek wound.

Please keep little Jake in your thoughts 
 ....he is trying so hard to be a brave soldier.
Thank you xx

Update on the update ...Firstly thankyou for your kind wishes and prayers ...it warmed my sons heart after a stressful day, when he read them.
So far so good ...Jake still has to stay but they are pleased with the progress.My son reports that his fun personality is back and so are the endless What Why Where questions ...he is trying to be brave and insisted on phoning Ben to check he was fine and not missing him too much. Tonight he will be on his own for the first time as Emma had to come home for sleep and to get rid of a lurking migraine ...he reasured her that he would be fine. Again ... Thank You xx

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Wk161 at woyww ...... and a Cat up-date too

 Still just knitting I’m afraid …. I tried a Beret this time … might even wear it.

 I had to adapt the pattern because ... either I knitted it wrongly or the pattern is wrong  because it states ONE ball but I ran out with the final 11 rows still to knit?????.  I had to frog it back a bit and improvise. Vicki is going to try it with another of the balls I bought .... before I complain.

I have also completed .five ‘Fish and Chip Babies’ outfits …just need to wrap and send them off….they need them by September so I might manage to make a couple more.

Now those of you who are NOT cat lovers …or feel that two felines are more than enough ….STOP reading …. NOW ….and I’ll see you next week….. xx

 Other wise ..... let me introduce ......
 And ..... Barnaby
 DD took the above photos ...they wont stand still for me lol

And this is  one of dear Honey Pot and Ellie....
....not ready to sit together in real life … please note I did not give Honey Pot her name.... Honey (HP)  is my loving ‘bedtime’ cat … all other times she is a hardened ... grumpy... loud ....  out doors feline that we took in a couple of years ago, when her owner couldn’t cope any more …does  Ellie not look like a mini version? ….because of this she is being called Ellie Pot …yep I know …I really have lost it lol.

Shhhhhh .....we now have 20 …yes your read that correctly…and yes we are a tiny bit cat mad …or is that just mad…this is the most we have ever had but I fear we may loose a couple of the older ones over the next year.
If you read my past posts you know that I was only getting ONE, Effie, but she died unexpectedly before she came ….so I decided to have her sister Ellie. Her brother Barnaby was for a friend of DD but we were looking after him for a few weeks. He is so cute and I was beginning to wonder how I was going to hand him over but we heard that they had decided against a kitten finally  …family problems … and I actually cheered.

Nahla had a final check on Monday and they are so pleased with her recovery ….but she really needs to loose weight …interesting that she has been eating apart so we could monitor her … and for 2 weeks she has had tiny portions and no dried food or snacks …and she has lost … .ZERO grams!!!!! …we now have to work out an exercise plan ….this should be fun. ….I can just imagine her and her short little legs…. on a tread mill. …she looks just like a stocky Jack Russell Terrier hence her nick name ‘puppy’....must get a photo but she will not pose for me

Can you spare a prayer or posative thought for my GS Jake today ...he is having an operation on his facial birthmark ...operations are always a worry.

Take Care xx
Sorry I only managed about 40 ish last week ...will try to do better.