Saturday, July 14, 2012

Things not going so well for Jake

Not great news for Jake at the hospital on Friday …I'm afraid the infection is more of a problem than was at first thought.  He has lots more appointments and possibly another hospital stay to look forward to. We pray it is not as bad as it could be and that  he'll be okay …they had a much needed holiday planned for the end of the month too….not sure what is happening now.

PLEASE keep the prayers and positive vibes coming ..

Thank Youxx


Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie, sorry to hear this about Jake - he's so little and it is such a shame for him ... and all of you too. I'll keep the positive vibes directed your way and hope that he makes a good recovery very soon. Hugs to you all. Elizabeth xxx

Carmen said...

Oh poor Jake. Keeping everything crossed for a speedy recovery Angie xx

Arkansas Patti said...

Oh no and I thought he was doing so much better. Those hospital infections are brutal. He is back in my prayers.

Annie said...

Oh Angie. I'm so very sorry to hear this news. Poor young man. Will have a firm word with him upstairs for him. He needs lots of rest and good food to alow his body to fight the infection. Keeping everything crossed.
A x

crafty cat corner said...

Firstly, hope your Grandson is okay, its not fair on the little ones to have to suffer so early in life is it?
Second, I didn't realise that you had...Ahem...20 cats, I thought we were mad when we had 7, now 5, but of course I would love 20, who wouldn't, we can't help ourselves can we, if you love cats you're
My eldest son lives in Ayr, he works as an aircraft controller in Prestwich, he is having the last laugh this year, its usually him that gets all the rain and we are bathing in sunshine.
Oh well, maybe it will improve for the Olympics.
I love the beret by the way.