Friday, July 06, 2012

UPDATE ... Jake is not doing well ...

The operation seemed to have gone well  and he was sent home ...the following day there was swelling but one felt it was to be expected ....this morning it was so swollen his eye could not open so he was rushed in.
He is now waiting to go into surgery and he may need another within a few days...although blood tests are not showing infections the doctors say they know there is a lot inside the cheek wound.

Please keep little Jake in your thoughts 
 ....he is trying so hard to be a brave soldier.
Thank you xx

Update on the update ...Firstly thankyou for your kind wishes and prayers warmed my sons heart after a stressful day, when he read them.
So far so good ...Jake still has to stay but they are pleased with the progress.My son reports that his fun personality is back and so are the endless What Why Where questions ...he is trying to be brave and insisted on phoning Ben to check he was fine and not missing him too much. Tonight he will be on his own for the first time as Emma had to come home for sleep and to get rid of a lurking migraine ...he reasured her that he would be fine. Again ... Thank You xx


Annie said...

Oh bless him. Will be praying hard for him.
A x

Morning's Minion said...

One likes to beleive that hospitals and surgeries are very advanced--too many times things still go wrong. I hope your little man is soon well and only the faintest remembrance of the surgery or the birthmark.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Get well soon, Jake.

Elizabeth said...

So sorry to hear about Jake, the wee soul ... I hope that all goes well with the op and wish him a very speedy recovery. Elizabeth xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (all for Jake with hugs)

Arkansas Patti said...

I am so sorry very about this set back. I know you all must be so worried. Not fair and I hope they get a handle on it soon so he is fine in no time. He is back in my prayers.

Devon said...

Get well soon Jake xx

Carmen said...

Oh Angie. everything is crossed and - although I am not religous at all, I still find myself sending a little prayer to whatever being might be out there sometimes. I will do for Jake x

Whimcees said...


I am keeping the little sweetheart in my prayers! The bravery of the young and the speed in which they bounce back can be amazing! Wishing you a happy Sunday!


Barbara Diane #120

Neet said...

First of all how is Nahla?

Now to your little grandee, will keep him in my prayers, I didn't visit soon enough to get them in for this latest little setback but he was still there from the initial one so hope that counted.
Hugs, Neet xx