Saturday, November 03, 2012

Halloween ...and why I hate Fireworks.

These were two of the pumkins carved by Vicki and the boys ....the had so much fun ....would you believe that someone stole the baby one that was  in the mouth of the other.

 Not wanting to waste the insides, Vicki baked Pumkin Flap Jacks yummy ... and froze the remainder for later use. Robbie and Kris love 'Trick or Treating' ...and I had loads of  scarey kiddies calling while they were out.
 Vicki and our friend Caz were very brave ...they let Kris paint their faces ...Jay came home a little late so missed the painting part ...I feel she was secretly quite glad lol

This week is rushing by ....yesterday was Halloween ...wait .... this is Saturday already and fireworks have already been shattering the eardrums since last night. I have to admit I am a bit of a kill joy around the 5th. I wish they were banned for the saftey of animals and children...and the others who think its fun to do stupid things with them and waste NHS time and money.
 Big displays are thought to be the answer but I dont like them either ...fine for teens but I still remember the hour of panic when I lost my son aged about seven. One minute he was holding my hand , then he was gone ...I couldn't move as it was so packed ...everyone said 'Dont worry he will be at the lost tent' but it fell on deaf ears. After an agonizing hour I rushed to the tent ...he was not there heart sank ... like a stone into the pit of my stomach ....I turned to stare at the thinning crowd the distance a man and boy walked hand in hand towards me ...the boy frantically waving was him ....big smile across his face ...not a care in the world.
Apparently he had made his way to the front ... near the music control desk ....he had been  sat up on a pillar by the fellow, to watch the display view ever. The man appologised for not taking him to the tent as soon as he was found but he couldn't get there and Steve was enjoying himself so much and not worried at all.
 I didnt know what to do ...hug him or shout at him  ....Steve that is, not the man....needless to say it was the last display we went to....until they were teenagers and went on their own.

Hope you have a great Fire Works Night ...which ever night you choose ...and which ever way you celebrate it. 

Ignore me .... I'm just a grumpy old ****
Take Care xx


Rian said...

Angie, I understand. I too thought I'd lost my son one day in a mall when he was about 3. Turned around and he was gone. Found him at the candy counter inside the store. It is the worst feeling in the world! So... I understand.

And I DON'T like fireworks either!

Arkansas Patti said...

There can not be a more frightening feeling. I felt your terror.
I'm with you on fireworks.

Whimcees said...


Great idea for the pumpkins - too bad someone had to take the little one. I guess we can only hope that it went with someone to enjoy. That was scary losing track of your son - very scary! I am happy it had a good ending! We had SNOW today in this part of WI - Whoa, I am so NOT ready! Wishing you a great day!


Barbara Diane

JoZart said...

Looks like you have had more fun this time and not the horrors and terrors of a lost child.Great pumpkins and now soup for ever!!!
Lots of love j
Jo x

Eliza said...

How horrible to steal your baby pumpkin, what a pain people can be.

I know you are not on WOYWW this week so popping in here instead, love the costumes and faces.

Eliza 113