Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Feline Fix ...and a photo from 1958

Hi ...Ellie here ..just look at these two lazy bones

 Maybe I can persuade them to play!!!!!

DONT YOU DARE .....says Rusty

And I thought  you would like a giggle
This is 'Mummy' way way back in 1958
She's the one with the bigest hair, face and body....back the end.
....but dont tell her I said so.

Loads of Purrs to you out there. xx


Rian said...

I love your cat pics... especially Rusty's! As for your 1958 shot, I'm not sure I even have pics that far back. No, wait... maybe a school photo?

crafty cat corner said...

Hi Shozzy
I just love the old photo's and your hair is one of the things I love when I look at your profile picture, so much of it, mine seems to be thinning a bit, don't like that at all. lol
As for the dumps, I think it's a lot to do with age. I've always been a bit up and down but old age isn't pleasant and quite a surprise. I didn't think it would be quite like this, so many aches etc and sometimes a feeling that my life is a bit empty, know what I mean?
I do keep busy but there's always the nagging feeling that what I'm doing isn't entirely necessary, not like in the old days when the kids needed me.
Mustn't get maudling now.... lol
Thanks for the comment on the quilt, just hope when he gets it he looks after it, I think he will.....

Peter said...

HI Angie,
Enjoyed the photos, cats are very photogenic (and they like to think they are!). The school photo brought back all sorts of memories, so did the year (I was born in 1958). Kind thoughts to Briony. I was moved by her comment about suffering from that "nagging feeling". Px

Alison said...

Those old school photos...always embarrassing! I was the specky kid with a too short fringe! x

Spyder said...

ohooo I'll have to ask my mum if she still has any of my old school photos. I know one year feeling really naughty...I was in it twice! (the pic's they used to take of the whole school...the camera moves slowly from one end to the other...) I can't remember any one ever saying anything about it, I'd love to see it...coz these days I'm beginning to think maybe I dreamt it!
Great pictures of the cats!!

famfa said...

Cool photo

Anonymous said...
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