Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wk 116 ...and things.

I am trying not to make this too long this week... little hope of that ... lol
I have a
n even messier desk

and I only finally got round to finishing the LO tonight (Tuesday eve) …sorry its a rubbish photo of the LO …I actually like it in real but not sure about it in the photo. Its another using a grid method from the class

It is of my Mum and her twin brother ( same chap as in LO wk114) ... in 1982, on their 65th Birthday. She managed to make the journey to Norfolk for the first time, as he had not long moved, on her own, dragging her shopping trolley rather than carrying a case. …maybe she started the trend of cases on wheels lol.

I wasn’t invited as I had had a row with my uncle, 14 years before hand, and both of us were determined not to take the blame for it….sadly I don’t think we ever spoke again.

The sun did shine last Wednesday and for those who enjoy my historical trips, I shall be blogging my day out during the week.

...but as a taster ....this is what met me as I got off the bus

…and this is looking out to sea.

It was a great day out with DD …a proper mother and daughter day … but without any shops....and we strolled for about 3 miles along the coast, which is a long stroll for me...and enjoyed our coffee in The Walk Inn ... and later, in another village, our stop for a late lunch.

I have been researching the history of this village but the dates are so very different in every thing I read on the net, that it is quite hard to work out what is correct ….maybe I need a real book.

Take Care xx

PS I only got round to about 30 of you last week …somehow taking Wednesday out of the equation threw me totally and I never caught up ….will try to do better this week xx


Morning's Minion said...

You have an artist's eye for the colors that enhance your layouts.
Will look forward to photos of your outing.
Sometimes I have time to read my favorite blogs, but not time to leave a comment--just saying to let you know that I do check in!

Wipso said...

Fab photos.
A x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This LO looks lovely to me. and of course, I always enjoy your travels and trips. I will be back to visit later in the week, that's for sure. Have a great WOYWW. Gotta admit, that desk is pretty messy (grin)!

Helen said...

Love those photos - can't wait to see the rest of the day out.

okienurse said...

great looking layout! Can't wait to hear the story about the view that got you off the bus. Love the angles on the buildings/road. thanks for sharing. Vickie

Airing cupboard stamping said...

Your LO is gorgeous I love the colours and the emblishments it's just stunning. The photos are beautiful x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lovely LO - really like the flowers with the stitching around the edge. Very elegant! Where is the place that you visited? Lots of cormorants there that's for sure. And...surely not...is that sunshine in Scotland I see. Blimey, that's a rare occurence in amidst all the rain you lot have had. Glad you made the most of it!! xx

weaverpat said...

7Your birthday memory piece is lovely! Your choice of embelishments brought out the colors in the photo.
Can't wait to see the pictures from the trip. It looks like an interesting little village.

Anonymous said...

That's a beautful LO Angie, great colours and papers. Looking forward to the trip out so I can get my Scottish fix!

Brenda 71

Neet said...

Thanks for sharing your photos - looks like your "girls day out" was a huge success.
Love your LO and that is a great idea using the grids which I might try on my next (when?) artists journal.
Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #2

NatashaMay said...

Love the LO, flowers are fab. Great photos, too. Wish I was on that see shore. :)

ScrappnBee said...

I like it! I it great that you have this photo to archive your mother's trip, even if you did not go along! I love a proper mother/ DD day! Especially the non shopping ones, as those are the ones they remember! Good for you on the long walk! Have a happy WOYWW! -Amanda

ally fiddy said...

Lovely LO Angie.

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh my...what a wonderful looking town and the beach too. I bet you had a great, relaxing time with your daughter! Lucky you!!!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Lovely book you are putting together, it will be a keepsake. Can't wait to see photos from the rest of the trip. Thanks for stopping by and leaving you kind comments.

Franka Benjaminsen said...

Your desk looks really busy this week. And making a LO is hard working. I find out it's rather difficult.
And the photo's of your DD are great. Like to walk around in that village.

Rosebark said...

Hi Ange

Love all your pictures. At least your desk is messy with crafty stuff. Mine (well ours, but it's my mess) is just jobseeking stuff and notes about this and that. The crafty stuff is down the other end of the room, trying to be tidy, but not succeeding! Mother/daughter times are special, aren't they?!

SueH said...

Aww Angie, it’s so sad when arguments like that happen and it ends up splitting up the family. It’s probably the history that has made you feel unhappy with your LO but there’s nothing what so ever wrong with it. I think it’s a lovely photo.

Lol to mu mum and her shopping trolley!

Happy Crafting!

Twiglet said...

Nothing better than a "Mother and daughter day out" especially is walking and seaside are included! x Jo

Craftgirl said...

Messy desks are me as well so I love yours Family history is also a passion of mine. Thanks for stopping by.
Carol C

DottyA Cards & Things said...

Oh I just love visiting your blog... it has such GREAT pictures to look at and stories to read...

Tertia said...

Lovely LO. and fabulous photo's. Sounds like you had fun with DD.
Happy very belated WOYWW

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi there so sorry! running VERY late - sigh, not to worry love photos and page - great colours and LO happy WOYWW, thanks for popping over! :) Shaz in Oz.x