Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week 114 ... Baring all.

OK I know …I chickened out last week …but I was made to feel so guilty that here it is this week ... in all its glory …actually it’s tidier than last week.
I can hear many of you groan … “How is that possible” …well it is …it was piled even higher with non-crafty bits as well, last week. lol


The only things here that really show I have actually been messing around crafting, is my note book that I am using to jot down LO’s and tips from the Miss Arty classes … and an experiment…. the paper with the red thing in the middle.

In her class, Julie Winks prints from the printer onto material…then cuts and frays etc for use on her LO’s. It sort of worked …and sort of got stuck !!!…needs fine tuning on my printer I think but could be a very useful technique.

The odds and ends of material are a little pack of Christmas oddments that I picked up at Very Crafty the other week, for £1.99 …thought they might be useful for cards but the brain cells are still pondering on their actual usefulness….oh yes there is a large box of Ibroprofen ….a necessity for all those crafters with dodgy backs. …and a box of Cheddars just out of shot …also a necessity as I ran out of chocolate lol

Here is the LO I was working on a couple of weeks ago …simple, but then that’s me.

It shows my Mums twin brother on his wedding day…I have been meaning to do it for ages and thought this paper worked, mounted on black. I love the ribbon that matches another of the sheets in the set and I think works here too. (Must stick those letters down better ... I can see in the photo, that they seem to be lifting)

I spent a few hours reading and wave watching yesterday as the rain had stopped and the sun was showing its face….probably should have done some sorting out of my desk or some crafting …but it will all be here tomorrow and the sun might not.

I’ll try to get round to as many of you as I can …promise.

Take Care xx

PS. I can’t believe what has happened in England since the weekend and in the south in particular. I worked in Croydon and lived just out side, until 2005. There are many I know who still live there and are close to where the trouble was, in fact one friend saw looters passing her window with their arms full.

The looters and petrol bombers hit the older parts of the town …Reeves corner, which was the worst hit and the pictures were shown in the news, had managed to stand there for many generations (over 150 years) of the same family ...survive the depression and the bombing of the Second World War ....only to be abliterated by hooligans having fun.


crafty cat corner said...

Glad you're having fun with your priter. I discovered printing on fabric and include it in some of my work, it's wonderful.
Love the wedding picture, that's the year I was born, aaaaaaagh....
What's LO mean, or am I thick, not up with the abbreviations.

Wipso said...

Love the LO. Beautiful wedding pic. those wave pics are really relaxing to watch I'm sure.
A x

sasa said...

what a great post the photos are lovely and I adore the colours on the wedding LO !
I also have a Dutch pretties parcel giveaway on my blog today if you fancy some colour!
Thanks for sharing your WOYWW desk today,
Sarah at 3

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lovely old wedding photo - I do like the layout around it very much. I could sit for hours watching waves roll in, it's very hypnotic and wonderfully therapeutic. Bit like making bunting, lol!! Have a great week, am having my first giveaway if you'd like a shot! xx

Arkansas Patti said...

I see you have attained your PHD (piled higher and deeper):))
The wedding picture is perfect.
The London riots are such a shock. We Yanks tend to think the Brits are orderly and sensible. It is so sad to see what is going on.
The wheels of the world are certainly wobbling.

Neil said...

Thanks for sharing your space this week and I hope the rest of your week goes well!

SueH said...

How on earth did you manage to get material through your printer, I have trouble getting paper through mine most of the time!

Loving the LO. It’s strange I’ve been looking for papers to do my Mum and Dad’s wedding picture this week and just about think I’ve found what I’m looking for so keep an eye out in the next day or two.

Have a good week and Happy Crafting!

Pam said...

You ran out of chocolate? Why with that entire newsy post did that stand out to me? LOL! It's so sad to hear what is going on and I surely hope friends and family are safe and things get back to normal soon. The LO is so pretty and I also love the printing on fabric idea. It's amazing to me you get anything done - I'd be looking out the window and daydreaming everyday in that setting.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie, I'm not sure my printer would stand up to me putting fabric through it - you're a braver woman than I to even try :) Your layout is gorgeous, lovely photo and that die-cut is beautiful. Great seaside pics - I'm learning so much from you about making photo collages, thank you. Saw the Reeves family interviewed on TV and my heart went out to them - it's just unbelievable what devastation these youngsters are doing to our towns. Hope you have a good week. Elizabeth x #60

madebyKarla said...

You made a wise choice! enjoy sun and waves when you can. The mess will be there still when you get back. Love the Lo, very elegant!
Karla #25

madebyKarla said...

You made a wise choice! enjoy sun and waves when you can. The mess will be there still when you get back. Love the Lo, very elegant!
Karla #25

Violets Corner said...

The printer technique sounds very interesting Angie, the layout is very beautiful, love it ...and I believe that wave watching is a splendid occupation, not much that can beat it!

Hope the riots come to an end soon!


Helen said...

Thanks for sharing your desk today!! it doesn't look too bad... just busy!
Your layout is fabulous - love the decoration!

JoZart said...

Lovely post and you are right... the mess will wait but the sun and waves won't. Love the simplicity of the wedding pic, it really highlights the main subjects and how lovely they are. Thanks so much for your message...
Love joZarty x

ScrappnBee said...

Hmm...maybe if you used painters tape to hold the fabric in place and set the printer to cardstock? It sounds like you are enjoying the classes. The Wedding layout of your uncle came out beautiful! -Amanda

Tertia said...

I could spend a day just wave watching!
What is happening in London saddens me, what has our society become? Hope all in blogland are safe and out of harms way.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Oh dear Angie that is terrible about the hooligans! "fun" they call it - Reeves corner wonder if it is like the Reeves paints etc... Fancy it making it throguh the blitz but not selfish not too bright young ones - cant believe some of the footage and what I hear them saying as they are doing it...what was even sadder was the three young men trying to protect their area run over and killed by a looter in Birmingham, just breaks your heart.
However I love what you have done with your scrap layout and smiled at you saying letters lifting etc in photo it mazes me how you cant see such things when putting the item in spot to photograph but sticks out like a sore thumb on the screen (not that I can really tell which ones are lifting..) and loved your shots of the sea am missing my sea walks at present not allowed to walk till foot is better. ligament damage. Happy WOYWW and blessings from above, Shaz in oz.x

okienurse said...

great looking layout! Printing on fabric gives you so many different opportunities to create different projects. I heard that if you print then iron the fabric it will stabilize it better. Can't remember where I read that! Thanks for sharing. Vickie

Pam said...

That printing technique can be used with all sorts-eg left oover transparencies, ribbon etc.
Gorgeous layout-very elegant!

And what can be said about those thugs in England-it's beyond belief!

NatashaMay said...

I know. I can't believe what's going on in London either. So sad. Thanks for sharing your space. It's not that messy. Ok, it is. :) But I love your little note book. Good luck with the printer.

Morti said...

I'm scared to try printing on fabric for that very reason - and I think if I messed up the printer then Mr B would have very good reason to be cross! LOL.

Glad you bared all this week - see we don't bite, eh? Hehehehe.... Thanks for stopping by!

ScrappnBee said...

PS-Thanks for visiting my WOYWW. Crystal light is a powdered drink mix here in the US that has almost no calories. Did not even think that it would not be sold abroad! LOL.-Amanda

Rosebark said...

Hi Ange I like Arkansas Patti's comment re PHD. Ravelry has another one for knitters, which could apply to all crafters - SABLE - Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy.

Love the LO. Didn't know your Mum was a twin (or had forgotten...)

Where I was working on Monday got trashed/burnt that evening. Really sad about Reeves corner - I was at junior school with Trevor and Cathy knew him from infant school! - and the flats above shops by St James's Road which were gutted. Words fail me. Could do with some wave watching myself!

Anonymous said...

I think that's a very well composed desk photo as it really doesn't look bad at all! Love that LO, very pretty and elegant and your beach photos are beautiful. You've definitely got the right philosophy, make hay while the sun shines and all that! have a great upcoming weekend.

Brenda 73

Linda said...

Your wedding layout is so beautiful. I wish my desk looked as busy as yours does! :) Happy WOYWW

Anne said...

Hi there and thankyou for your comments on my post. Like many I have trouble getting paper through my printer never mind fabric - lol
Oh how I would love to be able to watch the waves- where we live is about as far away from a coastline that you can get. Love the layout.Am so hoping that the troubles have ended- the killing of the three young men happened in the road behind where my DIL works at a childrens centre. It hs been horrible here in B.ham. Thanks for sharing your desk. Anne x

Sam said...

What a lovely layout you have created. It is gorgeous and the paper is lovely. Well done!
Sorry I am late but our internet is a bit hit and miss!
I would do some wave watching like that if I could!

Sally Morgan said...

Keep at the fabric printing Angie, you'll get there! absolutely gorgeous layout, really beautiful :)
Thanks for sharing.
*hugs* Sal x

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh your desk does look like some serious planning in the making. Hope you are safe. The riots have been on the news here in the US alot. So very sad and senseless.

Neet said...

Thanks for your wishes re my health problem (heart not hayfever)
Love that LO you have done - it is classic and would be spoiled by lots of other things - nice and clean, simple lines.
Love the pics of the sea.
Yep, England has been a mess, thanks to the minority who excite the youngsters into thinking they are BIG!

Franka Benjaminsen said...

This beautiful wedding picture looks great on your LO. Love the pictures of the waves.

Sorry I am so late getting around but I’ve had a two day’s craft tour. Thank’s for visiting me.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for stopping by, I am playing catch up. We have had some terrific weather and everyone is enjoying the outside. We will need rain to rest and catch up on inside duties!!! The printing on Fabric has been something I want to do..but just don't think my printer will do it. I hate to mess it up!!! Thanks for sharing with us WOYWW..hope there's more time next week. Enjoy

Yogi said...

thanks for the glimpse. Have a great day

Twiglet said...

Great LO - lovely photo. I agree with your thoughts on the madness in London. There are advantages to living in the middle of nowhere!! x Jo

Kezzy said...

The scrapbook page is stunning and I love your desk. Kezzy x