Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Desk too untidy to show ...wk 113 ..August.

First an apology for getting round to only about 50 …everyone in the last half of the list was unreachable as it wouldn’t let me click on the name… idea why the list moved over and under the side bar of JD’s blog set up.

WO my W thisW …..ummm …a large pile of things … aka total chaos…and not a square inch of desk top visible … so sorry ladies …no photo of it this week …too ashamed…will try to have a few square inches of desk next week.

I have had a great time listening to and watching the classes I won …so far I have tried one …well one of the three LO’s that are suggested in the ‘Grid’ class by Jamie Harder …this was my take on it….

I also have noted down loads of tips from the other classes and will go back and follow some of them later …this is an amazing web school for those who are not too advanced and are suffering with a lagging Mojo….and that me.

It actually has been a busy week at ‘Chez Shozzy’ getting organized for Robbie’s 6th birthday party. Vicki has been beavering away in the kitchen making Flapjacks ….her marshmallow ones are to die for … and Rocky Road squares, along with ‘Winnie the Poo’ cheese biscuits. The air was quite blue that afternoon as the ears kept falling off some of the shapes….and we must not forget the cake …a Pirate Galleon ….vanilla and purple inside …covered in the best chocolate butter cream icing I have ever tasted. I didn’t get a good shot so photo to follow.

I left the deep cleaning …or ‘de catting’ as we call it … to the girls and I organized all the shopping …I’m not stupid lol …but I did prep the food on the day.

Robbie loves vegetables and fruit so I made sure there were large platters of both. Here is a collage for you to get the feel of Robbie’s day …Birthday Boy in the centre.

Take Care xx

PS ….Quick moan …

What is up with the weather reports over the past few days?? …Weather websites have said sunny and/or cloudy but definitely DRY. I have been trying to line dry two huge covers since Friday and they are out there still … again soaking after torrential rain all day and night …probably now too heavy to remove from the line and spin. … they only just push into the machine when dry … one at a time…not that I’m holding out much hope for any dry weather any time soon..glad I got that off my chest lol


Wipso said...

Fab photos...looks like a great time was had by all.
A x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Birthday boy looked a bit upset in the middle photo. But it looked like a fun day overall. Glad to see birthday boy had fruits and veggies. That's what I like to hear.

BTW, send your laundry here. I'll have it dry in about an hour. Honest!

JoZart said...

Now I AM disappointed in you hiding that mess... we love mess and you know you really want to fess up now, don't you. Go on, go on, go on!
The boys are so sweet. Love the LO for Oliver. Have fun and save me a cake.
Love joZarty x

Neet said...

Love your LO's, especially the last one.
Read the opposite of what the weather folks say - I find that helps.
Never worry about your desk - I love messy ones - makes me feel better.
Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #5

SueH said...

Beautiful LO Angie, I’m so pleased that the course is proving useful. Can’t wait to see some of your other work from the course!

It looks like everyone was enjoying the part…..and the food!

Happy Crafting!

Arkansas Patti said...

Now that looks like a fun and tasty birthday party. Ah the good old days when we were proud to be a year older.
We would love to take some of that rain off your hands.

Helen said...

Looks like a fun party - and so good hearing of kids who like fruit and veg - when all the news is of those who only eat junk. Bet the cake was fab.... yum!

nerllybird said...

So sorry to hear about your weather - we're wilting down here. Your grid layout looks wonderful - I've got some of that paper and your page really makes the most of it. Birthday cake sounds fantastic - can't wait to see it.
Helen S

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Great photos of the party - I like proper parties with all the usual trimmings. The pirate cake sounded good. My brother made me a birthday cake but didn't put 50 candles on just in case the Fire Brigade were out :D Thanks for all your good wishes, have a great week! xx

Airing cupboard stamping said...

The LO is gorgeous.

Enjoy the birthday celebrations x x

Laura #62

Lisa said...

Great montage pics and lovely interesting post too
Thanks for sharing

Twiglet said...

Weather fab down here! I love your photo collages - what a great age 6 is. Have a good week. x Jo

ScrappnBee said...

Glad that you are getting alot out of your classes! The layout and collage are great! Love the colors in the layout! Wow... a galleon! Cool cake! Thanks for sharing your Wednesday! -Amanda

Spyder said...

oh Angie you chickened out, I bet my mess is messier than yours!! Great Pictures! and the syringe on my desk, has silicone glue in it, or sometimes that PinFlaire glue, for decoupage, and the mess I get into trying to put the glue in there!!! REALLY messy!! Have a great WOYWW

Franka Benjaminsen said...

Great lay-outs you've make. And wonderful you can use these new photo's for it. Hope the weather turn better soon.
Bye, Franka

Paula Gale said...

Angie Angie Angie

I WANT to see your messy desk. They are FAR more interesting than a tidy desk anyway.

Happy to see Robbie having a great party - lovely pics.

Speak soon - take care

Paula x x x

The Crafty Elf said...

Mess? No such word in the land of creativity! We had the rain you are having now. It was one wet day after the other and now we are the complete opposite. Hope it clears up for you soon. The Birthday Boy must have enjoyed his day! Looks like it was one great little party! Super layouts!

Di said...

That looks like such a fun party and the layouts are terrific. Sunshine here today so I hope your washing is drying :) Di xx

Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by my first ever WOYWW. I love your designs and images, so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Emilie said...

Those photos are so sweet! I love that page you made. See you soon around!

okienurse said...

Nice layouts. I had same problem last week. Sorry I am so late getting around but once again life has interfered with what I want to do! Thanks for sharing. Vickie

Morti said...

Shame on you for being ashamed and not sharing! This isn't about a tidy-fest - this is about commiserating with your WOYWW sisters on the general creative state you work in. We're not judgemental..... we're nosy! ROFL...

Sending you hugs and looking forward to seeing service resume as normal next week... thanks for stopping by!