Wednesday, March 03, 2010

WOYWW ...Wk 39

Here we are again and I have to admit that I STILL have not sorted my area ... so all you can see is one of the many piles, produced as I do anything creative. I have worked out that I need everything out hand... before I can work. Take distress inks ...they are neatly piled on the shelf ...easy to use ... but I have to take them all off and end up with half of them strewn over the table .... even though I know I will only be using a few. I thought I would also show you the top half of the shelves that you saw last week ...most of the boxes are full of things that are not used very often ... but one just might need them .... lol I have posted the LO on G the P with a little about the man himself but here it is for those who might just like to see the LO.
I used a Basic Grey plainer one from a while back (forgotten the name) and then went to work with distress ink and a stamp.

I am terrible about sorting out Awards and quite some time ago I was awarded one by Diana for my FH Blog then I recently discovered that Paige had also kindly awarded me it, so this prompted me sort myself out and give myself a good talking to for being tardy.
It was so thoughtful of them to award this to me .... Thankyou both Now I have to find 7 interesting things about me !!!!

7 interesting things …now this was hard and I had to ask DD and DS for help as I don’t think I’m very interesting....and I still dont ... but this is what I have come up with so here goes .....

I learnt to cover shyness by talking far too much

My favourite sandwich is Bacon and Marmalade ...yes together lol

I saw the Beatles Live and screamed a little !! …Twice in1963/4

I sang a few times with a Jazz Orchestra, when I was about 40… found it so hard to remember the words due to fear, that I had to have them on a stand by me.

When hubby was on the road in a Soul Band during the late 60’s, I met Ben E King, who then undressed for his set, in the changing room, in front of me … (You have to be old to find that interesting lol)

I ran a youth club (14-18yearolds) for 8 years and during that time I directed and produced Josephs Technicolor Dream Coat, and a pantomime I wrote with a friend … and organized a 15-hour Live band concert using local young bands (Where did all my ‘get up and go’ go to??)

My home, back then, was called Angie’s CafĂ©, by all the young motor bikers, who had left Youth Club. They used to pop in for a chat and for fried egg, with cheese and onion, sandwich..

I tried to learn to ride a motorbike …I even bought my own but I had no balance and a total uncontrolable fear of traffic … so I sold it and had to just enjoy having lifts from the lads who enjoyed my sandwiches .

OOPs ... that is 8

Well now I have to award it to 7 others ...where do I start

This was hard as one tends to go for the old faithfuls or the blogs you feel you have a friend at. Well after a hard think I came up with a real mixed bag but all have creativity in common.

Vicki ... her LO's are so creative and different, using techniques that I fancy trying

Darcy ... she really has Art and Soul and pops in great recipes too

Sharon ... her writting comes from a creative soul and you should see her quilts

Ann ... my admiration is for this lady who has to tidy up totally each time she creates.

Helen ... so many fun ideas and great cards ...where do they all come from?.
Pam ...another whose LO's I so enjoy as they tend to trigger my grey cells
Peter here is something a little different ... creativity at its best.

This is getting very long but I just need to add the rules for accepting
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award
  2. Place the logo on your blog
  3. Link to the person who nominated you
  4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting
  5. Nominate 7 bloggers for this award and post links to their blogs
  6. Send a message to let them know they've been nominated

Please do not feel you have to pass it on ....just accept it from me with love.

Take Care xx


Paula Gale said...

Laughed at your Bacon and marmalade sandwich - thought I was weird with bacon, egg mushrooms and mayo!!

You are VERY interesting - don't sell your self short!!! You've also achieved real things - directing, organising, running a youth club - no mean feat!

LOL on the thing about having to get stuff and putting on your desk - isn't it funny that we all have our little rituals and 'idiosycrasies' - love it!!

Paula x x x

Darcy said...

Thanks for the award Angie, so thoughtful. I loved reading your 7 interesting things.x

Cardarian said...

You are a very interesting lady, you must have had a lot of fun - you probably still you saw Ben E King naked????? Did he "Stand by you"??? Love all your blog!

Julia Dunnit said...

Cor Angie, you are a deep and intersting person...what a fulfilling time you had as a busy mum and wife. LOVe the look of the desk and the boxes - too high up for me, so deo would be the 'not used but still wanted' department!

Wipso said...

What a fab blog this week. Most of your stash would be safely up out of my reach cos I'm only 5 foot tall :-) What an interesting life you've had...and much more yet to come I hope :-)
A x

Helen said...

Love the shelves. And your snippits were so interesting! Thanks for sharing.

Twiglet said...

Wish I knew what you do with all that stash of gear! I saw the Drifters in Shrewsbury in about 1968 - brill - sadly Ben E King did not show us any more than his dark brown voice!

Susie Sugar said...

Hello darling I don't know how I missed you over the last few weeks I must be blind unless its my age !! yes that probably it !! lol
I don't think you need to be green over my new stash looks like you got quite a lot of your own girl !! lol I love all those little draws
Hugs Susie xx

Ann said...

So much stash Angie. And all very neatly stored and boxed up! I can see you are really getting into distressing and it looks very good too. Love the layout.
Thank you very much for the award. I'll need to think about finding 7 interesting things about me though ;)

Tonya said...

Love your shelving! Looks like loads of fun in there.

LadyBug said...

Loving those shelfs! all so neatly labeled everything easy to find! Love it!!! I'm going to pop over the GtP to comment on your lovely LO :)

Spyder said...

Haven't tried bacon and your shelves

Linda Elbourne said...

I love your piles ... a lot X

Morning's Minion said...

Angie; Thank you so much for including me in your list of creative people. Not sure I know how to pass on the award or link to your post, and until I have my own PC installed again I may not attempt it.
I find you a very interesting person--in spite of an astonishing taste in sandwiches!
Also, I sympathize with your method of working. When I'm working on a quilt I drag out every fabric which might be useful, then I don't immediately put away the ones I don't need. They are out there for---errrrr---inspiration!

Rachel said...

I'm sorry, you think you're boring? What planet are you living on? You sound great. If you're ever in NYC, stop by! I love those metallic cream rub on things you have; what are you planning on doing with them? Don't mind me, I'm nosy!

Clare said...

Wow, look at those shelves Angie. Full of gorgeous goodies.
You have made me hungry with talk of yummy sandwiches.
Clare x

craftytrog said...

Great storage ideas! TFS! x

butlersabroad said...

Amazing shelves and love the LO, will pop over to the other blog and have a read. You life snippets were very interesting, sounds like you've achieved a lot so don't be dismissive about it! "Stand By Me" is still one of my all time favourite tunes.


Peter said...

Thanks Angie for the award, it is sweet of you to think of me, and I am glad that you are enjoying the blog (it goes both ways, I'm enjoying reading yours too!). I do like the look of your shelves that are full of creative looking things. It makes me feel happy and "at home" seeing ink, paint, paper, and all sorts of colourful things that are humming merrily with possibilities! Interesting...., of course you are! xx

Carmen said...

I got so sidetracked by your interesting facts that I almost forgot to look at your desk. Not interesting my arse! You sound like an amazing person to know. With the marmalade/bacon sandwiches - how on earth did that concoction come about?? :P

Thanks for the birthday wishes... I am a February baby... just. The last day of Feb :P

Kathy said...

Wow, I've loved seeing your shelves and all the goodies on them! That LO is quite quite stunning, a real work of art

Glen said...

Hey Angie....weren't you the girl sitting next to me with the red dress at the Beatles concert - Wembley, Boxing Day 1963?! LOL. I saw them too. Fab day but I couldn't hear much for the screaming of all those young girls!! LOL.

I LOVE to see how others store their stash and your shelves are very interesting.

Thank you for leaving lovely comments on both of my blogs. You are so thoughtful and kind.
TFS. ~Glen~

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Gosh you've had an interesting life Angie :)
Love the layout :)
Anne xx

Handmade with Love said...

OH Angie your profile did make me laugh! You sound like you have a briliant sense of humour! I love all of your crafting supplies and the layout was beautiful. Tracey x

SueH said...

As I was reading about the Distress Inks I was thinking….you could be talking about me because my desk looks a little like that this week. Lol!

I really do love the LO Angie.
The colours are fab for Heritage pages and the punched edges and corners are just enough decoration without going over the top.
Who knows, you may see something similar on a page of mine in the not too distant future!


Linda Elbourne said...

Hello Angie ... you are such an interesting person ... naked men and all ...Love that LO ... love the stash on your desk too ... let's have a play date :0) Met your future DIL this morning ... she seems lovely ... I told her how lucky she is getting an MIL like you X

Pam said...

Lots of lovely stash. Hugs Pam