Sunday, March 07, 2010

Inspiration ...and 3 LO's

Last week I was inspired to try tags and inks and this week .... doodling. I am a person who rarely writes in my own hand and the thought of doing any sort of doodling caused me to feel inadequate ... and quite sick.
Now the fact I attempted to doodle is all JD, the WOYWW club and her linky thingy's fault.
Sorry Julia ... you must take the blame for me not hoovering and supper being late that evening.
Normally ...with the surge in members ..I can't get round to nose at everyone's crafting spot ...but with this linky thingy it was possible ... although I didn't have time to leave comments on everyone's blog. This meant I visited
GezzyB's Crafty Bits and there it was ... a note book cover ... covered in doodling. My grey cells started thinking of when I doodled on school books about 50 years ago and before I could do anything to stop myself I had a sheet of white bazzil in one hand and a pen in the other.
I couldn't put the pen down ....I was addicted ...I was like a woman possessed ... and only emerged when the paper was full ...several hours later, suffering from almost locked knees, a back that had seized from not moving for so long ....and dehydration ....old age has a lot to answer for.

The other thing I tried was working from a sketch ....which I have not done for ages, as usually I don't like the result. In fact, I am not sure how one should use a sketch because when I examine LO's using one, they vary from looking just like the sketch (which is what I tend to do) up to there only being a vague connection. A few I have seen appear to have no connection what so ever... no matter how hard I have stared or which way I have turned the sketch. With a modicum of intelligence and craft ability, I feel I should be able to find the connection no matter how small, therefore the question I ask is .......
Why... and how do we use a sketch?
I have been told they are only for inspiration .... yet there are challenges using them and the winners resulting LO might be any of the above interpretations.
Although I have tried a couple below ...and they did actually vary a tiny bit from the sketch ......
Please can someone manage to tell me how I should use a sketch ... especially if I want to do a sketch challenge.....thank you in advance

Well after all that are my LO's
The first two are using the February Sketch Challenges from A Trip Down Memory Lane ...first time I've tried a challenge

And my third ...yes third LO ...... is using my doodled bazzil

This has been a long post...hope you managed to get to the end without the aid of matchsticks lol
Take Care xx


Ann said...

I am amazed. For someone who never doodles you sure know how to! That layout with your doodled background is spectacular. I think it's the best of the three, and the other two are pretty awesome too. Those twins are looking like they're bundles of fun and are having a great time being messy!

my5bratz said...

oh my gawd, theat doodling is FABULOUS Ange, love all those LOs but LOVE the photo of the messy boys in the

p.s glad you liked the sentiment on that card, it's just computer generated not a stamp, take care :0x

Cardarian said...

Your doodling is fantastic! You should be doing a lot of it - it is art on its own! Lovely! Ha interesting your thoughts about sketches I was going to blog about that myself!
Your blog is so interesting and funny I just love it! Keep up the good work!

Sam said...

Your doodled cardstock is amazing! I love how you have just used two photos on it and nothing else as it really speaks for itself.
In answer to your comment on my blog i think it was 4711 cologne, a blue/green label with gold writing on it. Can you still buy it, i havn't seen it in years! One whiff of that brings all the memories of my great nan back!

LadyBug said...

I can't beleive I nearly missed this post!!!!! fantastic LO's!!! I love them your doodling is fab!!! and I don't think you need anyone to tell you how to use a sketch you've got it down to an art! I love the monster inc. one!!! totally FAB!!!

Gez said...

OH MY! How did I miss this!!

Your doodling is absolutely FABULOUS. Hat's off! Isn't it hard to stop once you get started! Ooooh I hope you enjoyed it! I find it very relaxing. I nearly didn't blog it cause I thought people would think it was a waste of time. Wow! I am so pleased you had a go!

Off to catch up with the rest of your blog & become a follower so I don't miss anything again!

Your boys look soooooo cute. :)

Best wishes, Gez.xx

Gez said...

Oooh I meant to say about the sketches! Your interpretations are fab. As long as you've got things in the same sort of places as shown on the sketch....anything goes! try turning a sketch around or on it's side for your own take! Good luck & have fun. :)