Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

The sign, for me, that Spring has arrived is when the purple crocus' around the confer in the garden, burst into flower....and they have.

Thought I would share them with you ....

Vicki's nephews are still with us and are helping her make Chocolate Brownies at the moment ...that is why I'm up here on the computer lol
Will do some blopping tonight.

Take Care xx


Jocelyn said...

Oh those pics are sooooo pretty...I love that you got a dew drop on the one photo!!!

Wishing you a great week!!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah, beautiful pics Angie. From the safety of the computer room and not the kitchen! Totally understand. Hope Vicky's sister is winning.

Ann said...

Beautiful photos Angie. Gorgeous colour too. I know Spring has arrived when my Helebores flower in the garden. Love them.
Hope they're not making TOO much mess in the kitchen ;)

Kathy said...

Lovely photos - such fab colour and light.

I'm here catching up with comments left after last week's WOYWW - I'm just a tad late, eh?

Anyway - loving the look of all your new stash and those kiddies look like fun to have around.

Carmen said...

Gorgeous colours - these are lovely pics Angie :)

craftytrog said...

Beautiful photos, those crocuses are so pretty! I noticed some buds on the trees today, can't wait for the blossom to appear! :o))