Monday, January 14, 2013

Take 5 little boys .... and a laptop

I can not believe that it is already two weeks into the new year and I wish you all a belated ....
 HAPPY 2013 
... mine was a quiet one but then a few days later Emma and Steve and  the three boys came for a visit which was wonderful. (My next post will have more photos me.)
... but this is a shot of little Olly I really could not wait to post seemed apt to use this (note his t-shirt)  as we had a little disaster.

 While clearing our large coffee table ... in order that the five grandsons could sit and eat their lunch together ... someone put the laptop on the floor with a mouse propping it open, as some charging or something, was going on.
Some how one of the five stood down on to it and smashed the screen. No-one could be blamed ...accidents happen but for Jay and I it was like loosing a limb ...we felt lost ... so  I decided to gather the pennies together and get a new one  ...after all it was old-ish in IT terms....and now a friend is looking into replacing the others screen ...cheaply, if we can wait ....of course we can will mean no more fighting over computer time....I just need to get used to using this one.

At the moment we are eating our way through left over bits and pieces ...I always buy too much ...and I really thought I had cut back this time. Cheese is where I always get carried away ...I love the normal ones like Brie in all its variations and Camembert ...and Cheddar...plain and  with things added ...and Stilton ... and then the different ones too about date and orange? ... and the European ones....well I managed to stop at 25 this year.
I love using the left overs ....the little bits grate up together  and make an amazing topping for Macaroni Cheese...tiny cubes of mixed cheeses, tossed into a green salad and cherry tomatoes, then dressed with balsamic makes a yummy lunch with a toasted bagel  and I shall post the recipe for my stilton and cauliflower soup later only needs 3oz and is lighter than most.

I am having a crafting crisis at the moment I really want to? ...and if so ... what? ....I so hope I resolve this and get my head in the right place ...I feel guilty for not doing anything as I have enough bits to play with, for at least the next ten years.

I will be back in a couple of days
Take Care xx


Carmen said...

Blimey I thought we were cheesaholics in this house :-) Am very much looking forward to that soup recipe - yum!

Don't feel guilty, we've all been there. Sometimes stressing about it makes it worse - how about taking part on a challenge? Check out Darcy's reading one maybe? You read a book a month and then create something inspired by the book.

Good luck with the lappy :-)

Happy 2013

Arkansas Patti said...

Yikes, not the computer?? Oh well, when you get it fixed you will have two so you will always have a spare.
How nice of you were able to look on it as the accident it was.
Can't believe how Olly has grown.

Rian said...

Olly is adorable... love the red hair! 2 of my 3 kids had red hair and now 3 of the 4 grandkids do too. Must be a dominant gene...

As for the computer, yes... accidents happen. What can you do? Keep your priorities in order. And I know you do.