Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Cat in A Hat

Hope you all had a great time over Xmas ..we were well enough to enjoy things but I have to say none of us ate as much as normal and there are lots of left overs .... and unopened cheeses. We had Bubble and Squeek to night ....yum ..aah.childhood memories. All  in all, we had a relaxed time and really enjoyed the food we had. Our poultry was chicken ...done the 'Nigella Lawson' way... basted in butter and maple syrup ....omg is so suculant and tasty and is Vicki's speciallity.

I have totally lost track of the days ...they have sort of merged together so I was shocked to see that it was Thursday and I had missed yet another WOYWW the New YearI hope to get back on track.
Here is Rusty wishing you seasons greetings.
 ...and a little glimpse into our Christmas

 and for those who wondered about Holly she is ....

 She is growing fast and I think she will be taking after her grandfather who apparently is not at all the size of a Pygmy!!! The happier she is the softer her quills are ....she is a 'chocolate snowflake' as far as we can tell.

Take Care xx

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas is for Cats

It is Friday 21rst and we have fallen foul to a bug this week …I am feeling just under par with no energy …Vicki has barely left the loo but is now at last feeling a bit better but Jay has been being sick for about 24hours and Kris has now joined her. …Ok Robbie … are you just waiting for Xmas Day !!!!
We are so behind and have already had to cancel so many pre Xmas treats including a much longed for visit  from Steve and Emma, Ben Jake and Olly. I am so gutted but we cant take the risk of them catching anything from us . Last year their Christmas was ruined with a bug and Ben has still not gained all the weight he lost from his last tummy bug....they always hit him hard. I so hope they can get over to us soon after Christmas …it will be like a second Xmas as we were going to exchange presents tomorrow.

I am sorry I have been off the ball creatively this year but I hope to be back on track soon.
I  just want Christmas to go smoothly with no one being ill …and I will feel truly blessed. 

My other wishes are that it stops raining and the boiler keeps hanging on to life.

I wish all my Blogland friends
A very Happy Christmas and Wonderful New Year ….
…..would say 'prosperous' but that would be a miracle lol …

I also leave you with this shot of Barnaby ….good thing I heard a rustle before the bag was tied off.

Have a happy festive season …. whether you are chilling on your own or coping with a huge family gathering ….or anything in between.

Take Care xx

Monday, December 17, 2012

OMG ...Xmas is nearly here I ready ....NO

Sorry I have not been around  for a while ...not been in the zone at all ...cant believe it is so long ...not that I have been doing much. All I seem to do is write lists ...that dont get completed ...or get lost .. so I have to start again ...slightly non productive.
 Yesterday I managed to freeze away some of my special sausage rolls for Xmas munching ...lots of filling with thin short pastry encasing them...not forgetting a hint of apple ...yummy if I say so myself.

 Had to show you these photos ...this one is Jake Ben and Olly meeting Santa for the first time
 and Kris and Robbie ...they still believe ...although Kris is begining to ask questions!!!!

Lastly a blast from the past for me... a group of us at work in 1987 ish the manager Liz (grey suit and big grin) sent it through facebook. Those were such happy days. We worked in the 3rd biggest Department Store in the UK.
There were nearly 2000 staff in total counting office and the others behind the scenes ....and Christmas was the best .... for customers and staff alike. The grotto back then was magical  ...even parents fell under the spell ...I wish I had photos ...every year was different.
Sadly the company  had problems during the last decade and gradually the 40 odd stores closed ...finally the last...the flag ship and the largest (where I worked for 18 years) shut its doors this year ....150 years after they first opened. In its hayday it was the  best ever retail establishment was what retailing was all about ...the customer ... but when they forgot that, the rot set in.
Good Bye Allders ...and especially Allders of Croydon.

We have increased our animal family one little Pigmy Hedgehog ...who loves cats. She is called  Holly and I will tell you more and show pictures on a future post ....and yes I can hear you all mumbling 'Is she mad' ...but it was nothing to do with me ....she is Vicki's.

Take care xx