Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas is for Cats

It is Friday 21rst and we have fallen foul to a bug this week …I am feeling just under par with no energy …Vicki has barely left the loo but is now at last feeling a bit better but Jay has been being sick for about 24hours and Kris has now joined her. …Ok Robbie … are you just waiting for Xmas Day !!!!
We are so behind and have already had to cancel so many pre Xmas treats including a much longed for visit  from Steve and Emma, Ben Jake and Olly. I am so gutted but we cant take the risk of them catching anything from us . Last year their Christmas was ruined with a bug and Ben has still not gained all the weight he lost from his last tummy bug....they always hit him hard. I so hope they can get over to us soon after Christmas …it will be like a second Xmas as we were going to exchange presents tomorrow.

I am sorry I have been off the ball creatively this year but I hope to be back on track soon.
I  just want Christmas to go smoothly with no one being ill …and I will feel truly blessed. 

My other wishes are that it stops raining and the boiler keeps hanging on to life.

I wish all my Blogland friends
A very Happy Christmas and Wonderful New Year ….
…..would say 'prosperous' but that would be a miracle lol …

I also leave you with this shot of Barnaby ….good thing I heard a rustle before the bag was tied off.

Have a happy festive season …. whether you are chilling on your own or coping with a huge family gathering ….or anything in between.

Take Care xx


Arkansas Patti said...

Aw gee, I am so sorry you are feeling peaked. That is just not fair but you are thoughtful not to share the bug. A second Christmas sounds like a good idea.
Was inchanted by Barnaby's antics. Adorable.
Be well soon, have a great belated Christmas and a wonderful and healthy 2013.

Peter said...

Sorry to read that you are all suffering a bug and are having to lie low over Christmas. It is sad for you. Arkansas Patti is right about a second Christmas being a good idea, I know that some people in our part of the world (New Zealand) like to have an extra Christmas celebration in the middle of our winter (your summer) to make it more like a traditional northern hemisphere Christmas, so the idea of having more than one Christmas a year is not without precedent! Anyway, it will be lovely when you are able to get together with family and friends again. In the mean time here are hugs from us in NZ and Christmas greetings. Hope you are all feeling better soon and have a wonderful New Year.
P, L, NS & G xxxx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Angie, what rotten luck for you all ... this virus has been playing havoc with a whole lot of folk this year but it's too bad that it has struck you and yours so near Christmas. Hope you are all well enough for your Christmas dinner on Tuesday. I remember when I was a child growing up in Edinburgh that Christmas Day was more or less just another day, the big even was New Year, not just for the adults and their first-footing but for children too because that's when we got our presents. So celebrating Christmas later will be in keeping with Scottish tradition.

Barnaby looks so cute peeking out of the bag :) What is it about cats and bags? Our Bonnie cannot resist them and has to have a nosy at every opportunity.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and health and happiness in 2013. Oh, and an extra wish for you is for the return of your crafting mojo :)) Elizabeth xx

crafty cat corner said...

Hi shozzy
Isn't it typical to get something at Christmas. I have had some kind of bug, God knows what it is but its hanging on for ever, catarrh, stiff neck and aches, just as I think I'm okay back it comes again.
Oh well, nothing to do but wait until these things are over but its b annoying isn't it.
You're right, the weather doesn't help, and you get so much rain up there, what with that and the dark days its enough to give anyone the pip.
Don't worry about the postings being below your usual quota, when you feel better your inspiration will come back.
I really hope all turns out okay and your Christmas isn't too messed up.
At least we're all still here and the world hasn't ended. LOL
Warm hugs from Brighton.

weaverpat said...

Not fun to be ill over the Holidays! Hope all your family gets to feeling better soon so that you can get together with the rest of your dear little grandsons. Loved their picture in the last post!

A hedgehog! They're tiny aren't they? I didn't know they were OK with cats. BTW, I never think people who have lots of animals are crazy. Maybe because I'm one of them....
Those kitty pictures are adorable! And who would have been getting that surprise gift for Christmas?

Have a Merry Christmas!
Best Holiday Wishes to you and all of your family from Pat, Zip and all the Kitties!

Morning's Minion said...

It does seem that we had more of these nasty 'bugs' when we had school-age chidlren to keep the cycle of germs going, but then, sometimes they come out of nowhere.
There's still a few days before Christmas--I hope you're all recovered by then!

Ann said...

I'm so sorry to hear you've been suffering with the winter bug. Best not to see your grandchildren just yet but wait to be fit and well when you do see them.
A second Christmas will make it a double celebration!
Get well soon.

Twiglet said...

Oh bless you Angie - it's so miserable to be poorly at Christmas time when there is so much to do and to enjoy. Here's hoping you all recover soon and can enjoy a wonderful Christmas and a Happy & Healthy 2013. x Jo

JoZart said...

Well that certainly doesn't seem very fair to me that you've been crook! I really do hope you make a good recovery Angie, and very soon. Take each day as it comes and do what you can manage and what makes it good for you. Jesus wasn't born on Dec 25th so you can celebrate another time when you are all well.
Thanks for your friendship through the year and I look forward to a good 2013 for us all.
Lots of love Jo x

Rian said...

Merry Christmas Angie! Sorry you're feeling poorly. Apparently quite a few people are down with 'something' or other. But 'this too will pass' and all will be well again. And the good news is that it's Dec. 22nd and we're still here!!

SueH said...

Hi Angie!

Loving the puddy cat pictures!

I know I’ve not joined in with WOYWW just recently but I’ll be back in the new year for sure.

I just wanted to pop by to say thanks for all the fun and inspiration you’ve shared over the last year and to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.