Friday, June 01, 2012

Where were you .......?

....when Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne ... or on her Coronation Day?

Probably many of you were not even a twinkle ....maybe your Mums were only just twinkles in your grandfathers eyes but I was five and I met my Great Aunt Bella for the first time.
She was visiting her sister for the first time in nearly ten years and she brought me a Coronation Half Crown to celebrate least I am sure thats when she brought it but the memory can play tricks.

 The day of the Coronation was easier to remember Nana, my Mum and I sat round our newly aquired 9" Television. The cabinet it was housed in, was four times its screen size. Nana had splashed out for this special occaision ...I think we may have been one of the only families in our road to have one. I cant remember anyone sitting with us but I do remember sitting through it all, for what seemed forever to a six year old, because I knew ...or was told it was something special. Now it is sixty years on ...and I know it was.

If you were more than a twinkle ...what are your memories of that time.

Take Care xx

PS. I managed to visit and leave comments to over a hundred WOYWWers over the past few day ...sorry if I didn't make it to you ...or blogger told me you did not exist ...or cyber space still has my comment floating about ...somewhere ...because I clicked too fast. lol


Annie said...

Was just a twinkling in my mum's eye 60 years ago :-)
A x

Carmen said...

I was a twinkle :) But I loved your story x

Can you send me your snail mail address again so I can send you that book?

Arkansas Patti said...

I was a hulking 12 year old and was very impressed with the new young queen. I remember watching, just can't remember where.

SueH said...

How lovely to have such memories of such a special day Angie.

I didn’t come along until 1956 so obviously wasn’t here but I’m a true Royalist and have watched all the big televised events and have even been into London, which is only 30mins from where I live, to watch some of the events……the atmosphere is amazing!

Enjoy your Jubilee Weekend.


fairyrocks said...

Hello, I enjoyed this post. I wasn't around yet, but I did get to see the queen zip by in a Limo once. I waved...I am sure she waved back LOL. I did have a sense that I was near someone special.
Anyhow I stopped by late for the WOYWW post and I am happy I did.
Thanks to you for popping by, I didn't make it to everyones desk by half this week.
Keep smiling and creating

JoZart said...

We all sat aroud the only TV in our street, owned by a lady who had won £1,000 on the pools! All the street were in sitting in layers and of course the little ones, like me got front row! It was history but we as children did find it tedious at times but the golden coach, robes and crowns were magic.
It does make me proud to be from this country!
Jo x

Rosebark said...

I missed these by a couple of years and I imagine you were very modern with your television set. We acquired a similar one in about 1959. Sometimes things kind of come full circle. Flat screens are the thing again now!