Saturday, June 30, 2012

West Wemyss Gala Day

 The Summer Holidays have arrived up here in Scotland .... this was the first day out West Wemyss Gala Day'.

 West Wemyss is a small village with a strong comunity that I have visited  and blogged about before.
Today was about Kris and Robbie ...and as you can tell from the photos ....they had a great time.
 There were craft stalls and cake stalls too ...burgers on a BBQ and an ice cream van....what more would a child desire.
There was also an interesting new product  on sale, by a new company 'Chillipapas'. It is a blend of spices and a recipe, for the busy cook, to enable them to create a fast, flavourful, low fat and in some cases, fat free, curry suitable for all the family...infact the children can even help too. The creator, and father of four, whose roots are in Malasia, was there promoting all the varietes available ...needless to say I bought some to try .... I will let you know how I get on with them.

The village tried to create the feel of the galas of years gone by and sitting parked on the streets were some wonderful vintage vehicles ...which makes me feel totally vintage  as I remembered many of them being driven. Here are just a few I managed to capture.

We all had a great day dispite the three down pours and the this really Summer?

Take Care xx


Morning's Minion said...

Jim and I always appreciate events that feature 'vintage' cars--like you, we recall knowing some of them!

Celia Sweeney said...

I enjoyed reading your Gala post. I live in the other Wemyss on the west coast and I missed our gala as I was up on Inverness so a vicarious visit was lovely! Celia

Arkansas Patti said...

Looks like great fun for the kids but glad there was stuff for you adults also. I really enjoy vintage cars also though it is a bit disconcerting when I realize my first car is considered vintage. Maybe I should call my self "vintage" rather than elderly. Has a nice ring to it.
Would love some of that rain. My grass cracks when I walk on it.


Looks as though the event was great fun. The cars are gorgeous - so much more stylish that cars today. Hope you have a good week.

Carmen said...

Lovely post - out lot still have 3 weeks to go though Phoebe has now finished Primary School FOREVER (sob!) and is spending the 3 weeks before the holidays doing a kind of induction into the Academy.

Love anything that is olde worlde and ancient! (Sorry - couldn't resist! Hahaha!) but no, seriously, I love seeing those old cars when we go to fetes etc. Looks like a lovely day was had by all - I'll definitely be interested in your curry experience - that's probably my favourite dinner!

Alison said...

It looks like a lovely, fun day was had by all! Great photos Angie x

JoZart said...

Just playing catch up to see what I've missed whilst I was away.....That's my kind of event/day out... it looks like you all had a really good time.
Lv Jo x