Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Sorry ... no work surface ….or area for that matter…too ashamed that the table is actually totally buried....and that is no exaggeration ...DD says she is going to blitz it before Xmas so we can start afresh in the New Year

I found a tiny space to make 4 cards on Monday…then dropped them in the post box before taking a photo, as I realized it was the last day for 1st class and got in a flap …then cursed as they disappeared from reach because I could have shown you all that I do actually make the odd card.

Here are two LO’s I finished at the end of last week …. while I still could find a corner to work on. …. I have been meaning to scrap them for a year.

Spending time with Ben and Jake last year made it all magical again for me as when one sees Xmas through a little ones eyes it’s so special. This year it will be Robbie and Kristofer who share their wonder with me. Poor things are really unwell at the moment so I hope they are better by the 25th. I think it is some virus but it has pushed their temperatures to 40 or 104 in old money lol. … regular Calpol and ‘sponge downs’ have been needed. Poor Robbie just does not understand and sits there sobbing as the cloth touches him …mind you Kristofer was only a little better but his temp seems to be staying below 100 now.

I wish everyone out there a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I send you warm hugs and raise a glass to the wonderful world of blogs where I have met so many good and interesting friends.

Take Care xx

PS Found out earlier that the boys have the flu so am prayingit has not passed on to us adults.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Give aways ....Pink monsters and pans

A new one of Olly ...with two of Emma's snow men creations getting in on the act.

If any one is into Monsters and /or pink then please visit 'But its a good place to Start' as there is such a cute monster giveaway on offer. The guest on Vicki's blog (Dec 9th post) has donated one of her creations so it is up for grabs.

A few months ago I was so lucky to win a voucher from Helen at'' Its all Fiddle Fart' ...well Monkey actually on 'Mum's Monkey ... and I used it recently for th
is wonderful pan below ... and a jam funnel, potato peeler and jam covers which are on their way. It was an amazing prize ...thank you so much.
Helen has two amazing Blogs. If you want to brighten your day click
HERE and if you want to have ideas for pressies , school fairs and cards ...Click HERE

Lastly I captured Robbie having a 'moment ' with Misty

Take Care xx

PS Can you see the resemblance? ...Ben and Jake can lol

Monday, December 06, 2010

Oh No .....Yet ANOTHER Snow Day

Well we lived in hope yesterday, that the worst was over ...well for the moment. The thaw was well under way .... showing clear roofs and nearly all the tarmac of the roads ...even the pavements were clearing. We went to bed happy with the thought that my shopping delivery would get through, as my supplies of bread, fresh vegetables and cat litter were now totally depleted.... and life would return to normal at last . A trip out of the house was on the cards... safe with the thought that the buses would be running properly again ... with no thought of being taken out of service due to adverse weather.


We awoke to a new thick blanket of snow and it is still snowing. DD set off to work at 7 as usual hoping it would let up and she would actually make it to Dundee but had to turn round and get a bus home from St Andrews ...the last of the day ...and it even cut short its journey 3 miles from our house ...thank goodness for our local taxi service.

Well what was left to do ....play in the snow ...with me recording the creation of this years Snow Person ....who still has to be dressed.





Smudge ventured out but found a place to shelter from the elements

"Do you really think I'm that stupid" said Honey Pot

I do hope everyone who has got another dose of snow today keeps their spirits up .... it will end ...soon I hope.

Take Care.xx

PS ..Emma's ingenuity when she and the grandsons were snowed in ....they love trains and boxes.