Monday, August 02, 2010

Stripey Returns

Well I could not believe my eyes when Vicki entered the room with Stripey under her arm. She had opened the back door and in he trotted. Well ... he strolled round the room ...jumped up on the sofa for a rest ... jumped down ... was growled at by a disgruntled Buffy and stared at by those that were perched on the cat house. Nothing seemed to bother him and no one went into attack mode. After a short while he cried to be let out and then strolled to the back door where he again meowed for it to be opened .... and without a turn of the head, he disappeared down the garden.

I assume that his owners saw the poster, or he was chipped ... and he must have just wanted to say thanks, as his back ...although still raw .... looked a lot better.

Just thought you cat lovers out there might like an update on our night visitor.

Take Care xx


Morning's Minion said...

I suspect you haven't seen the last of Mr. Stripey.Maybe he wants to be one of those grand gentlemen with a"second home."

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ah, what a lovely story :-) I bet you were pleased to see him.
Anne x

Arkansas Patti said...

So glad he returned to thank you and show you things are OK. Of course like Morning's Minion said, some cats do maintain multiple homes.

The Knitting Ninja said...

So glad he found his own home again - I hate the thought of poor cats waiting in shelters or being put down for no reason. Good to know there was a happy ending!

Technogran said...

Our last cat had several homes. A nearby bungalow and a lady who lived by herself in one of the flats. If he went missing for a few days I never worried because I assumed he was with his 'other families' Cats are (as you are no doubt aware' a law unto themselves, and they go where they please.