Friday, August 06, 2010

Clothes ... Dundee ...and yes ....I finally made a card

Firstly ....I finished the card
and inside I printed... in a swirly font ....

21 + 19

Years Young


Maureen ...

A Little Birdie Told Us

That It Was Your Birthday …

Have An Amazing Day

I am quite pleased with it ...I think
Now the Dundee trip.....

The reason for going was to see if I could find anything I could wear for the wedding and ...

I was getting to the point where my wardrobe was totally casual ...not that I mind as I don't go anywhere lol .... but when it all looks very past its best and its hard to find anything to wear that hasn't a splodge of creative goo on it, it's time to get some new clothes.
Being of ample proportions ...even though I think I have lost a dress size with my diet but could do with another 6 ...I HATE looking for clothes....give me a catalogue any day. I expect a few of you identify with that.
My trip to Dundee was such a revelation .... well its a few years since I visited and it seems to have become cleaner and smarter than I remember ...and have shops I now enjoy to look round ...and spend money in.....maybe I'm happier??.
I have, however, also become even more confused by sizes!! I have just managed to squeeze back into a stretch waisted pair of jeans which look fine long as I am wearing a long top ... so when I saw a new pair, same size, I actually tried them on ... I think they are now called Jeggings ???? but they were too big????yep you read that right ... so I had to go
down two sizes ...Yeah that was an easy way to loose weight lol. I also managed to find several casual pieces, a couple of smart things ....and a hat in a Blue Cross sale lol but returned home with a very light purse. DD and I also breakfasted and lunched ...which was no good for the diet but great for the soul. It was a long day as we left home to catch a bus at ... which is unheard of for me ...but I enjoyed every second of the day and cant wait to save up to go spending again.

Now to finish off boring you are some of the bronzes in the city center and the beautiful flowers in the square.

Remember Desperate Dan???
Take Care xx


Emilie said...

Hi Angie! Great card! Just love your creations and reading you is still a pure pleasure! love that funny way to mention the age in the card!

Carmen said...

I tried a pair of jeggings on today too! LOL! Oh it wasn't a pretty sight, they came off sharpish. I think arty splodged clothes must be a hazard for us ;)

Dundee looks amazing I love those sculptures especially Desperate Dan. I often moan that I have his legs!

Carmen said...

Oops almost forgot, GORGEOUS card, love the birdy straight onto the pattern.

And TWO sizes down? Go Angie, Go Angie, Go Angie! *does a little dance*

Linda Elbourne said...

LOVE the card and the bronzes ... especially Dan! Glad you had a good time oh and yes ... I agree as mad as it sounds that black is black black ... Ranger are very proud of their black pigment and you can totally see the difference ... Have a good weekend ... I am so pleased you managed to find stuff you like XXX

Morning's Minion said...

Angie--I enjoyed your outing--I hope it wasn't a long bus ride.
I am not a happy shopper--although I love to find some treasure on sale or at a good consignment shop.
Trying on clothes can be toomuch of a reality check--long mirrors and waistbands that won't fasten.
I'm happiest in jeans!
I was hoping you would describe your outift for the wedding.

Spyder said...

Lovely card Angie and thank you for sharing those amazing pictures, aren't they fabulous. Why can't we have something like this? We do have bronze (probably not)Ponies in Ringwood town centre, but a dragon would be great! and all that trouble about what to put up for Princess Di, and what did we get, a stagnant pond! Or did they fill that in? I hate shopping for clothes too, two years ago for daughters wedding...and last year, a few tops for our trip to see Grandson...I stopped looking at sizes long ago, if it fits and I like it, it's my size! Way back, I worked in a riding shop. I would dress ladies in their new riding gear that would fit perfectly, but if they saw the size they would say, "Have you got this in a size 10?" !


Arkansas Patti said...

Really nice card. You can be proud and I am sure was a treasure to receive.
Those bronzes were really interesting.
As for sizes, they really have changed haven't they? I mean, how can anyone human wear a zero?
Clothes shopping is a downer, swimming suit shopping is cause for therapy.
Thanks for the trip to Dundee.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Angie, I'm so glad you really enjoyed your shopping trip and that it proved fruitful :-) Sounds like you've bought some really lovely stuff.
Love the card :-) I've necer tried the bubble wrap thing, so must give it a go.
Remember Desperate Dan? How old do you think I am! hahahaha 'Course I remember him. love the statues/figures
Anne xx

Wanda..... said...

Thanks for your visit and following, Angie. I know I am going to enjoy exploring your blog.

Debsg said...

Great card and love the statues - used to love my comics arriving through the letterbox!

Ann said...

Lovely card Angie and the funny insert too!
I've never been as far 'Up North' as Scotland, only ever having got as far as Durham, so it's great to see your photos of the places you visit. Keep them coming please.
How about a shot of you in the wedding outfit??

Jane (J-bug) said...

Wow - Dundee has changed since I went to Uni there! Let's not mention how long ago that was though! I love Desperate Dan and might even have to have a trip up there! I feel the same way about buying clothes - though I think I have my outfit for the wedding now! Love your card!

Cardarian said...

Lovely card! He, he so you have been shopping aye and lost a few sizes on the way! Very good! Enjoy all your new things - maybe we could see you model some of them!

Ginny said...

the card is fab and I can TOTALLY relate to ur loathing of clothes shopping (being of ample proportions myself) congrats on dropping a few numbers

Anonymous said...

Great card! Congrats on the weight loss, I've just lost half a stone & my clothes feel so much better. Those sculptures are fab too!
Alison xx

tea_bag said...

fab photos thanks for sharing