Friday, April 09, 2010

What a Surprise

The door bell rang ...I cursed as I was up stairs on the computer ... I speedily made my way towards the sound of the second, longer ring ... mumbling that it better be worth the effort and reminding my self, as I slipped on the stairs , that I really do need to discard these 'oh so comfy' slippers. I swung the door open ....ready to do battle with any unwanted caller ... only to find a pair of hands thrusting a large black box at me .... marked Interflora.
So why was I now the proud owner of this black box .... birthday? ... mothers day?... Easter? ...all past ....and more to the point who sent it? I clawed it open to discover this .........

I gave out a gasp of pleasure ... not often heard from me I must admit ....... but no clue from whence it came.
On the 4th investigation!!! .... I found I had looked straight past a card that was right in front of me .... these wonderful flowers were from DS Steve, Emma , Ben and Jake ... a 'Thank you' for some help I gave them ...they wanted me to know that they really appreciated it ... I was truly touched ....and I know that it was all your idea Emma I send an extra big hug to you.
I love purple, yellow and green...a relgious yet regal feel .... here are another couple of shots, once I had them in a vase ....they are now high up ....out of cats way as a couple of mine are known to snack on flowers lol.The Irises' opened this morning ...aren't they beautiful set against the yellow roses

Another surprise was that
Cardarian was kind enough to give me 2 awards ....I was so chuffed with her kind words ... I shall be having a think as to who I shall pass them on to during the next couple of days and I will then put my awards on here ... I'm always slow at this passing on bit, so forgive me but I really am so so happy to have recieved them.

The third amazing thing that has happened is that my WOYWW post this week recieved the most comments I have ever had .... a staggereing 44.
Thankyou everyone who stopped and read my blog but an even bigger thankyou to those who found the time to comment. I do not have a counter so the only way I know that people pop in for a read, is when a comment is left ...time is precious to all you busy folk out there so I want you to know I really appreciate what you write and the fact that you have popped by at all.

Take Care xx


tea_bag said...

Your flowers are beautiful Its wonderful when someone does something for you you just dont expect, it happened to me this week as well So I must also get busy making little surprises for other people I believe it makes the world a nicer place. Fab blog by the way almaxx

Jocelyn said...

Oh your flowers are stunning...I love the Iris and the colors.....stunning!! Made me smile today!!! Hmmm..maybe I will send myself some of those!!! :-0

Have a great one!!!

craftytrog said...

They are truely gorgeous! It's so nice to be appreciated isn't it?! Have you got rid of those slippers yet?! Lol! x

Cardarian said...

Oh the flowers are just stunning! I love those colors too! I made an Easter card for my mom with exactly those colors! Enjoy your lovely bouquet! Your awards are well deserved, every time I read your blog I know I gave them to the right person!
Have a lovely evening!

Carmen said...

The flowers are just stunning, what a lovely surprise.

Cardarian is right - well deserved awards Angie :) You always make me smile or giggle, even when it's imaging you breaking your neck with your dodgy slippers *g*

Julia Dunnit said...

Beautiful and gorgeous and deserved surprise. I know what you mean about the muttering; we never expect it to be a good visitor huh!!

Peter said...

What a lovely surprise. Such a nice thing to have happen, and you will be floating on air for the rest of the week!

Well done with the blog awards too! (I'm feeling a bit guilty because I still haven't done anything about the one you kindly sent me a while ago, and I was chuffed to get it too. It came at a busy moment, and my poor old brain just couldn't quite summon the necessary ooomph to do the passing on bit. I might just do it in the next few days, if those things don't wear out!)
Best Wishes, P.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

How wonderful Angie, they are gorgeous :) Congratulations on the number of hits for WOYWW. I don't think you realise how good your work is :)
Anne xx

Morning's Minion said...

What perfectly beautiful surprise.
Your arranged the flowers so attractively--and I hope the cats didn't knock them over or nibble them. I also have cats who are very interested in flowers or even dried arrangements--naughty!