Friday, February 13, 2009

Yeah ....... WE HAVE SNOW

Woke up this morning and there it was…… snow everywhere.
My wish had come true at last, there were a couple of centimetres lying on the ground and the snow clouds were still shedding their load on Fife and in particular, MY GARDEN.

I was so excited that I nearly went out in my slippers and nighty but the icy blast that met my knees as I opened the back door quickly brought me to my senses.
“Get dressed, have a coffee and then get the camera” I told myself.

Before I could get my trainers on my daughter and her friend were out building a Snowman. May I point out that my daughter is no 10 year old … infact she is 30++ and her friend is 25+.!!!!!.The work of art became a busty Snow lady as it evolved…its nice to be different and make the neighbours smile....... I told myself.

Sadly most of the snow has gone now although it did reach at least 8 cm in depth but the snow lady remains to remind us of the fun morning we had. I wonder if she will be there in the morning, or will there just be a pile of embellishments!

I tried an experiment on my newest layout. I was inspired by the techniques used in the Cybercrop class by Ifa and although I did not take part on the day, I wanted to have a go at watercolours and do my own thing.
I would like to point out that I cannot draw or paint but I felt like trying to construct a layout with almost nothing for a picture taken in 1944, when there would have been a ‘make do and mend’ attitude due to rationing in the war.
I used 1 sheet of Bazzil card stock and one sheet of watercolour paper, which I found amongst my hoards of bits and pieces, a Zig pen for all the free hand drawing and Marvy la Plume pens (bought years ago and used a few times for stamping) now used for their other use, making watercolour washes.
This is my first attempt and I shall try it again, making improvements with each LO I do but it was great fun and a very cheap original way to scrap.
Maybe this is one of the answers to combat the Credit Crunch and still continue to scrap Paint in all its forms seams to be a great answer. Applying paint to bubble wrap gives a great background effect when pressed onto plain card. Lets not forget that all those stamps we have fallen in love with over the years can be used to create wonderful original patterned cardstock and the watermark effect is stunning too.

This really is worth a try

Bye for now

Thanks for reading this. Angie xx

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