Sunday, February 08, 2009

Snow … what snow?

While most of the United Kingdom became covered in snow there remained one small corner that was missed, the corner I live in. Well I suppose if I am honest not completely missed but no more fell than the dredging of icing sugar one would sieve over a sponge. I watched the news and heard about how many centimetres had fallen in the North of Scotland and in The Borders and everywhere in-between. It was even falling thickly on London and surrounding areas, which is where I moved from in the hope of seeing some snow during the winter months. A friend informed me that Fife never gets snow especially near the coast but I knew she was mistaken as we had had some the first winter we were up here so I still lived in hope..
Then on Saturday morning, when large flakes appeared and fell thickly from the heavens I let myself get excited and rushed to find the camera but by the time I had it in my hands the snow had stopped and within, what seemed a very few moments there was no evidence that it had ever been there. I was left wondering whether my longing for a few inches of snow to fall and remain for a few hours had caused me to hallucinate. Alas there were to be no snow pictures yet again this year.

Putting all thoughts of snow out of my mind I turned it to scrapping.This of course has been UKS Cyber Crop weekend and I have dipped my toe into the pool of classes and challenges … in fact I did one class and two challenges but have printed off some of the classes to experiment with later. I find it hard to get inspiration to command so three over the weekend was all I could manage. The result of my labours you can see below

This is the mother of my late husbands cousin, who lives in America and I made contact with last year These are my late husbands mother and aunts This is Harry, My friend Lisa has great fun!! at meal times with him.
These messy pics seemed to be just what a neat symmetrical layout called for !!!
Hope you like these ... I shall be back soon (promise) with some pictures of my grandsons. They are doing so well now. Angie xx

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