Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year .... to everyone out there

Yes I'm back ....ready to start the year with a short post ....sort of dipping my toe in the water ....I hope some of you have missed me and that I have not lost all my wonderful Blogger friends.
I'm not sure why I stopped blogging seemed to go with my loss of creative mojo ....and the discovery of Farmville 2. For those of you with an adictive nature ....dont start playing it. It was all my DD's fault ...she said it was fun and why did I not try it as I didn't play any of the games...I did and became addicted....everything paled in comparison ....all I wanted to do, to unwind, was to play.

Any way we had a chilled Xmas and New Year ...some days were just us and others we had friends round ....we had a great time ...too much amazing food....vicki's turkey was sensational and I was so pleased with te flavour of my bacon joint.
I missed my son and his family as they were over in Ireland but Emma's family had fun with them...cant wait to see them in the New Year hopefully.

My next post will be a glimpse of the past few months ...when I wasn't on the computer!!!!!....but these two shots are just some Xmas wishes to you all

This is Olly Ben and Jake ...while they were away
..and Robbie and Kris ...on a day out in Edinburgh

Loads of love and best wishes for 2014
Take Care xx