Saturday, April 30, 2011

In search of Provost Stark

What glorious weather we are having last in Fife ...may be I shouldn't have said any thing will probably rain tomorrow.... and wasn't the Royal Wedding fantastic ...loved the dress ...and didn't they look happy.

I took advantage of the weather on Thursday and went to Cupar only took 90 mins and 3 buses lol. I tend to go out on my own when I have a purpose ...or money to spend ...and as the latter did not apply I went to add colour to Family History and try to find a photo from the library archives, of my Nana's cousin who I new had been a Provost and I believe a Sheriff too.
I love wandering around a town, with a camera and looking above the shops ....this is what captivates me ...seeing history in the architecture.
My Great grand mother Isabella, would have looked down from the pink or white windows on the right, during her latter years

and her cousin stood here in 1922, with Earl Haig, to unveil this memorial ...known now as 'The Angel'

The pillars were added to commemorate those lost in the Second World War.

I did find some photos of James Stark and the lady at the Library emailed them to me this morning ....Here is the man himself.

WHEN I gather all the information and get propper photos printed I will do a LO ....maybe a DLO and put it on my other blog.

Take Care xx

BTW ...
Historically the provost was the chief magistrate or convener of a Scottish burgh council, the equivalent of a mayor in other parts of the English-speaking world.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

OK ...who stole Friday through to Monday ....again ???? ... wk 99

Yes I am writing this on Tuesday like last week but I will not post it until the stroke of midnight.....or there abouts. lol
Thank you all so much for replying to my question on my last post ...even those who do not scrap had thoughts on it. I am so glad that so many feel that Scrapping is not on the wane and that it will remain steadfast as does card making, while other crafty fancies come and go to add variety to our crafty lives.
I had a great group of visitors last week and managed to make about 70 visits again myself.

Sorry no desk again ....the table has been taken back ...not for eating yet but by a pile of 'rubbish' ....mine I might add .... but nothing crafty ....letters and things that need sorting.

Saturday was crop day ...the Easter Crop ... where there was ... a challenge ... a lesson .. 10 mins of fast and furious egg decorating which I was rubbish at....a raffle ... an egg hunt .... and yummy cakes.
This was the result of the lesson ....brilliantly taught by Vicki who has a knack of making it an individual lesson even though there were 10 or so doing it.
The subject of the lesson was creating a 'V' with a different paper or medium behind and then doing something with the resulting wings. Vicki sometimes slips this into her LO's in different formats and members often ask how she achieves the effect. We brought our own bits and pieces, although I did beg a book page but I was not as adventurous as some of the others. Many used string and lace, tore rather than cut and curled instead of folded ...but it was our choice what we did and that made it fun and even more personal. Here are a couple of closeups on the inserted areas ... I managed to finish off some LO's that were waiting for titles and embelishments and I did enter the challenge ...all of which will appear here, during the week ... didn't want to 'LO over load' you ... instead I thought I would add a collage of late spring plants from my garden, to brighten your day. I adore Pieris and Skimmia ....plants that are such good value for money .... they give you something to look at in every season. I am mourning the demise of my Butterfly Bush ...DD and Vicki chopped it all down today as it took over the end of the garden ...self seeding and producing even more bushes....I am hoping a small seedling may have

If you drop by PLEASE say 'Hi' ... it means so much to know you have visited ...and even more if there is a comment matter how tiny.
Again a huge thank you to all that commented last was fantastic to read them all.

Take Care xx

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I blinked and it was Week 98

Yes I know its Tuesday and I’m as sure it was only yesterday that I was writing my WOYWW post and dropping by the other members of this ever expanding group.I know its not … but ever since this all started nearly two years ago, time has sped up somehow. I know from reading many of your blogs that you feel the same.

Sorry there is no shot of the table but my area is the same as last week …only more messy …as I didn’t need to pack it away. We all ate on out knees for a week lol …and I managed to finish two LO’s and get a little further with my others …..I know I’m a slow coach but the tortoise gets there in the end lol

The First LO of Olly …I know that’s bad but there are a few more on the way


One for my Family History

Now. … here is a question …Is scrapping going out of favour?

As I drop by I see loads of cards and altered items, journals and canvases too … but very few LO’s… everyone just having a break? Would love to hear your thoughts.

I will again work round as many of you as I can over the next few days ...I do a group at the beginning ...some from the end .... some regular friends ...and everyone who visits me ...managed nearly seventy last week.

Take care xx

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Yes its actually me ….I am not sure where the past month has gone …I have been absent from blogging … and as for crafting. …well I get glimmers of inspiration but by the time I get everything out …most times its gone again. I cant wait to get my bedroom decorated and the storage sorted….its all there …. leaning against the wall in what is laughingly called the dinning area …waiting for Jay and Vicki to have the time and energy to do it all for me, now that they have finished the boys room and constructed the new bunk bed. I still have to finally make up my mind on a couple of things though, so an extra couple of weeks, is fine,

Well here is the end of the table, which I have taken over for the next 24 hours …or as long as sticky fingers and paws allow.

The eagle eyed of you may spot a couple of Promarkers ….yes I gave in at the demo by Angel Crafts, at the last crop, and bought 25. …but if I really get into it I will need at least another 25 lol . I also picked up some bits and bobs …did you notice the masks … and a few sheets of card stock …not that I needed any... lol ... but it was fun spending my birthday money.

I have 3 LO’s nearly finished and 3 I’m at the thinking stage still ….which could be a long process when it comes to me …as I wait for inspiration to strike.

This collage illustrates where some of the month has gone ……

Mothers day was brilliant …cards, chocs little gifts, yummy breakfast, all organized by DD and then a personalized card and an Interflora bouquet from DS and his family.

Robbie learnt to ride a bike …with out stabilizers …but with some pain.

We discovered a new park with a nature trail, a great children’s play area and an adult gym/play area too.….

We visited my Mum and Grandfather … and used it to explain about cemeteries to Robbie and Kristofer. They were happy to accept it was a place to remember those who have gone to heaven.

BTW my sons family has increased …… no not another baby... FOUR kittens….I don’t think they are planning to keep any …and Steve has said I cant take any either. …maybe that a good thing as they are so cute lol

I have so much catching up to do amongst my blogger friends ...and I will catch up...promise ...just forgive my absence ...but I also must try to visit as many WOYWW areas over the next couple of days as I can. I am so hoping my back doesn't play me up.

Take Care xx