Saturday, April 30, 2011

In search of Provost Stark

What glorious weather we are having last in Fife ...may be I shouldn't have said any thing will probably rain tomorrow.... and wasn't the Royal Wedding fantastic ...loved the dress ...and didn't they look happy.

I took advantage of the weather on Thursday and went to Cupar only took 90 mins and 3 buses lol. I tend to go out on my own when I have a purpose ...or money to spend ...and as the latter did not apply I went to add colour to Family History and try to find a photo from the library archives, of my Nana's cousin who I new had been a Provost and I believe a Sheriff too.
I love wandering around a town, with a camera and looking above the shops ....this is what captivates me ...seeing history in the architecture.
My Great grand mother Isabella, would have looked down from the pink or white windows on the right, during her latter years

and her cousin stood here in 1922, with Earl Haig, to unveil this memorial ...known now as 'The Angel'

The pillars were added to commemorate those lost in the Second World War.

I did find some photos of James Stark and the lady at the Library emailed them to me this morning ....Here is the man himself.

WHEN I gather all the information and get propper photos printed I will do a LO ....maybe a DLO and put it on my other blog.

Take Care xx

BTW ...
Historically the provost was the chief magistrate or convener of a Scottish burgh council, the equivalent of a mayor in other parts of the English-speaking world.


Arkansas Patti said...

How wonderful that you can walk the same ground as your ancestors did. Mine in the states stuck to a tiny island and farther back would take an ocean cruise.
I did watch the wedding, mainly because I had a restless nights sleep and it was on. I am very glad I did though.
I do wish them a long happy life.

Rosebark said...

Lovely that you found an old photo and took a new photo of the same building - gives a sense of continuity. My Mum and I did some research when we went to Somerset a few years ago and saw the house her mother was born in. Didn't see the royal wedding - Susan and I went for a long walk instead and had both lost weight when we went to Weightwatchers so are feeling virtuous.

You are adding to my education. I have to go and find out what a Provost is/was now.

BTW you have also inspired me to do some sort of blog about my ancestors too - not sure what form this will take yet though.

All the best

sandra de said...

Hi Angie, thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I love that you are retracing family history. I did something similar for my mum and had the pleasure of seeing how much she enjoyed the album. When she passed away my lovely sister-in-law brought it along to the wake. My mothers life long friends adored the album as it was full of photos and memories that they could recall and giggle over. Reminds everyone how important it is to capture "our history" and pass it on to the next generation. No media to do it for us.

Jocelyn said...

Oh how Fabulous...I love all the pics!!!! You have such wonderful places to visit...I want to come visit and see all the beauty that surrounds you!!!

That old photo is Fabulous...what great LO's this make!!!

Thanks for sharing and making my day brighter!!!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Angie, thanks for the great pics ;-) How wonderful to be able to find photos of your ancestors too.
We're having fabulous weather aren't we.
Anne xx

Carmen said...

Such an interesting post Angie. I love the curiousities you find in old architecture but I never do have my camera with me when I spot them!