Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just a quick one

Hi There ....I am still in the land of the living but I have been really down.
Just as I finally felt I was getting rid if the cold and I had caught up with all your blogs and was ready to blog, I felt as though I was totally drained, felt down, felt stiff and old and very emotional ....could not face anything ...not even the computer. Day to day chores were about all I could manage. A few days ago I felt there was a light at the end of the tunnel and my energy returned but on Thursday eve my throat began to hurt and yesterday afternoon I began to yo-yo between freezing and boiling I feel a little better and felt I had to blog .... just to let you know I was still around and to give a BIG thank you to all those of you that had left messages saying you missed me and hoped I was not ill. An ingenious JD left a message on my DD blog too. Thank you again ..... I promise to get blogging again very soon.

On a happy note my daughter and her partner Vicki have decided to seal their relation ship with a Civil Partnership.... they are getting married in October. They were going to wait but they feel that they have found their soul mates so why wait ...they want others to know how much they mean to each other. More of this later ..... Vicki I think may turn into a Bridezilla lol.

Will be back soon .... hopefully in good health and ready to start the year again.
Take Care xx

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

OMG ...ITF ... WOYWW of 2010

Sorry ... no pics .... crafty or other wise
My intentions were to start the New Year as I meant to continue it ....well they say life is full of good intentions.

My intention was not to make resolutions ... as I always break them
My intention was to be more crafty and blog more than once a week..... on Wednesdays.
My intention was to catch up with every ones blogs and thank all those who have said such nice things about my ramblings, my pictorial record of my life punctuated by the odd LO and my FH blog which seems to have inspired a few to unearth their own buried treasures.
My intention was to catch up on my FH as I have received so much information from Diana and now Anne and maybe create some more LO's
My intention was to try and eat more healthily ....forget diet ...I just feel that actually dieting will remove my last pleasure ...or is it indulgence ... left to me ...not counting spoiling GS's when I can.

These do look like resolutions ....but they are not.

The year started well for me by attending Fred's family gathering, next door, and then tottering back home..... at 3am!!! I cant remember when last there was snow on the ground for both Xmas and New Year..... but I wish it would go away now.
I was the only one in our house to still be feeling free from any head nose and chest problems but by the time the second day of this new year dawned, it was not the case ....I didn't know anyone could feel that dehydrated ..... I have trouble drinking the recommended minimum but not for the past few days ....lemonade , squash, fruit juice, tea and ice cold water have been glugged by at least double .... if not triple the recommended amount .... sadly the visits to the loo have also increased especially at night or when one is comfortably snuggled on the sofa.
This is the first day I have had any interest in the computer at all ....see I am really not well ....and I have a tissue stuffed up each nostril as a precaution .....don't want to drip on the key board lol. As for eating healthily have to be joking ....all I want is soup and heavily buttered bread followed by anything sweet and definitely NOT good for me.

I think I shall start the year again when I feel better ....hopefully in a few days.
I think I need to curl up for a while and drink something before I manage to have a read of everyones blogs ...please forgive me for being so behind and maybe not posting as many comments as I should, over the next few days.

Take Care xx