Thursday, September 09, 2010

He is here .. at last ...Grandson No 3

Sorry I have not been around for a while but the final straw was when one of our weird cats, who seems to loose bladder control and sense when on heat, hung her derriere over the edge of my desk and pee'd on my keyboard ....yes I couldn't believe it either. She totally killed it ...and I had to get a new one.

Now the real purpose of this quick post ......

Oliver John arrived at 11.52 am ...weighing in at 7lbs4oz

.... not an easy birth for Emma and he had the cord around his neck. The name was finally decided by the twins, who kept patting her tummy and saying 'Olly'. I have not been needed yet as her Mum has been over ....I will let you know more when I manage to talk to DS again.

I hope my blog friends will forgive me for not commenting on their blogs over the past few days .... I enjoyed having a good read but I was just lacking the keyboard lol ....will catch up soon.

Take Care xx


Linda Elbourne said...

Fabulous news ... welcome Olly! As for peeing on the keyboard ... Yeuck :0)

Carmen said...

Cats. Gotta love 'em :P

Massive congratulations Angie - and Olly is a lovely name!

Morning's Minion said...

Good news to have your 3rd grandson safely arrived. I hope you will see him soon and return with photos to share.
That cat--my goodness!
We had one called Peter years ago who chose very inappropriate places to pee, in spite of being neutered.
He once peed all over the phone which had unpleasant repercussions. He became an outside cat for the rest of his life!

Wipso said...

Huge congrats to all concerned on the birth of little Olly. Nothing quite like the birth of a baby is there? As for the cat peeing on the keyboard???!!! Have a feeling there will have to be restrictions put into force now or it could be a very expensive cat if that is where it chooses to pee often. :-)
A x

Peter said...

I am still giggling as I write this... We had a crazy time with little NS when she went on heat, she came close to destroying our sanity, but....she didn't destroy my keyboard!

Congratulations to all concerned on your grandson! You'll be thrilled by the little fellow.

Hugs, P.

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah relief. Oops, sorry that wasn't meant to be a joke! Relief at baby Oliver's safe arrival, hope all continues to go well for them. AS for cat relief - gawd!!

Cardarian said...

Congrats to the parents - what happy news! I think Oliver is a lovely name! I hope you all enjoy the happiness of your new arrival!

Arkansas Patti said...

A cat in heat is truly a bizzare creature. My vet was kept busy treating cats with supposedly broken backs that were just in heat.
Hope you get to see your new grandson Olly soon and take some pictures.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Angie, I only got back from Turkey very early Wed morning so haven't blogged myself; coupled with the fact that I had a nasty infection on my Pc just before I went - seems to be sorted now.
Congratulations on your new grandson.
OMG can't believe that cat :-/
Anne x

Spyder said...

Lovely good news and a lovely name too.
Not such a good cat tho'!