Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WOYWW wk60 ...I'm a happy Bunny

Can you see me dancing??? No of course not …well you can imagine me doing so instead... sorry but its not a pretty sight. The reason for all this out of character behaviour ????… my Mojo came back and I got myself all painty and inky. What fun I had …I actually managed to create a cover for my journal …not sure what sort of Art Journal it will become but who cares …its better when I just go with the flow and see what develops…what lights the imagination …what catches my eye for inspiration.

I am so happy that I actually have something arty/creative to blog about on WOYWW 60 …so here goes … working area after my creation was finished.... still quite tidy for me.

And a close-up of the said creation

The colours I chose were inspired by seeing the wonderful water shots that ’Peter the Potter’ had posted on his blog.

I am so pleased that I have been creative, after such a long artistic drought, that I am going to share the fun journey I had.

This cover was created in several layers needless to say…first … four shades of blue paint quickly followed by a few cream and a green dabs, When dry I pulled out a piece of trusty bubble wrap and played with the paint again…using the wrap as a stamp. While it dried yet again, I fished out all the T.H distress inks and rescued from the bin, a strip of card that DD had punched out butterflies from. I used this as a stencil and discreetly placed 3 butterflies in the area of the bubble printing….you probably wont find them as they too are small and blue but they are there lol . Next came a small flourish mask of T.H and some inking around the edge …followed by a coffee while everything dried again. Later I went back and rummaged for stamps …what a difficult choice but I went with the first ones to catch my eye …. 2 Paper Artsy ones and one of TH’s. …and that was it.

No I haven’t used any 3-D bits or pasted paper on …maybe its only 98% finished then … I do have a few other thoughts but to all intense and purposes… its finished…hope you like it.

I am praying that Mojo is here to stay for a while and didn’t just pop in for a visit.

I will visit as many of you as my back permits over the next few days ...bare with me

Take Care xx

Thursday, July 22, 2010

They nearly became 19

Sorry it’s a saga about cats and nothing to do with crafts …that is why I have not linked this week but I feel that my mojo might be back as I am itching to get into the craft room and see if some of my ideas can be squeezed from brain down to my fingers….and by the way if anyone wonders what happened to my canvas I began …well one of our furry family got shut in the room …knocked it to the floor …it landed face down and she thought it was the perfect litter tray lol

Here is the feline behind the story below and the post title

All day the sun had shone and together with the wind, had dried the clothes I had pegged on the line. Black clouds then had gathered, thankfully reminding me to bring in those said clothes before finally shedding their load, which showed no sign of letting up. It was 10.30 and a pitiful wail could be heard from out side the back door. …having done the usual head count at supper time … a necessity with 18 cats …and the fact that torrential rain had deterred any of the outside cats venturing in to the garden for a final run, we were sure the cry was that of a stranger. It was cries for help … not an invitation to ours for a date. There was a sadness to it…. a plea for the door to be opened…yes I know…we are suckers for a sob story … but we held our ground for what seemed like ages as the cry reached a crescendo … but it was actually about 15 minutes before we opened the back door.

I was expecting to see a tail disappearing in the distance but instead there sat a gorgeous Grey Tabby who then rose to its feet and was about to trot towards the kitchen. First we uttered ‘AHHHH’ in unison …and then quickly shut the door for fear of war breaking out …ours do not like their space being invaded …by felines and children alike.

A quick conference resulted in the kitchen being vacated by those of our furry family that like to sleep in there and the stranger was allowed to come in …we actually thought that no more than 2 paws would venture across the threshold before the scent of our felines would cause a retreat. How wrong were we??? …. and it did beg the question as to whether we have a secret sign outside …in ‘cat speak’ saying “Call here if you need food and shelter”…just like the Tinkers did, 100 odd years ago, when they marked the gates of those who kindly gave hot water for a mug of tea or even provided a morsel to eat.

In the full light of the kitchen it was revealed that this poor cat had been in a battle and had come off the worst … there were several bites around his derriere and one was actually weeping …having said all that …the rest of him seemed healthy. We all agreed that he had probably met with the local Ginger Monster.

He was placid and friendly so we tended to his wounds with salt water and offered sustenance, for which he was very grateful. His night in the kitchen was reasonably uneventful …only a couple of things must have got in his way. A decision had to be made as to what was to become of him …something I’m rubbish at …. My heart said keep him as he would make a wonderful addition to the family but my head … and a little commonsense from Vicki … made up my mind that he could not stay.

A trip around the neighbourhood shed no light on his actual residence …so we took the advice we had been given and contacted the SSPCA who then picked Stripey up before I got too attached. They will tend to his wounds and have promised to find him a new home if his own remains a mystery …we are putting up posters in the hope his owners can be found and I feel sad that I couldn’t give him a home here.

Hopefully I will be back next week with something crafty

Take Care xx

Sunday, July 11, 2010

If you have and love moggies .....

This is just a quick one ...firstly if you love cats and their strange behavour, please pop over to 'of dropped stitches ....' on my side bar ( hope I've. done the link right ...normally DD does it for me).
Mother of my grandsons,Emma, has not long started blogging and has posted about their two cats and the problems of pee ...she has a great turn of phrase and I laughed so much as I visulized the scenes.

Secondly ...
I'm sorry I got round so few 'WOYWW' this week ...about 30ish only. I really find it hard to visit everyone without my back paying for it ...but how do I choose who to visit ... first 30ish ... last 30ish ...every third/fourth one ...favourites ... those who comment on mine ???? I f I took the last option and every one else did the same ...well no comments would be made, so that is a definate no ...its a real quandry but one I will resolve as I really want to continue being part of this huge and ever growing family.

Take Care xx

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Week 57 …Something Different

They say that necessity is the mother of invention …well I think I have to agree.

There I was with a newish t-shirt … grease stained and determined to stay that way...hating the thought of throwing said garment away and thus resigned to it becoming yet another crafting item of clothing.

A creative light suddenly switched on …memories of the late 60’s and the amazing patterns created by dye and bleach sprang to mind …after all who would notice a grease mark amongst a busy design???.

Having no dye …or patience … to hand … I reached for the bleach …having already roughly prepared the areas with string. What fun I had …and the result …well its hard for it to go wrong really.

So … WOYWW …my NEW t-shirt

…well it’s the dinning room table as the table up stairs is covered in bits that are not mine….and here is a close up of one or the was the best shot I could get... sorry.

Now for the cat lovers …may I introduce Sayba…

.... a very shy lady who spends most of her time upstairs making herself comfortable on whoever’s bed has a space for her ….venturing down only to eat. If the house is quiet and the sun is streaming in, across the carpet down stairs, she might be spotted basking in its warm rays. When only a few weeks old she was named Saber by DS as we were convinced SHE was a HE and looked like a tiny tiger cub.When our error was discovered, we just changed the spelling....thus Saber became our beautiful Sayba.

I will be back to visit as many as I can over the next 3 days … managed to comment on about a hundred last week but actually visited everyone by the end of the weekend.

Take Care xx