Sunday, July 20, 2008

Been a bit Pre-occupied!

So what have I been doing for the past month ….
Not a lot ….. only kidding …. The most important thing in my life , by a very long way, was that I became NANA on 21st June at 10.21am, for the very first time . I think I am still in shock even though I was awaiting the happy event …..only not quite this soon.My daughter …the proud Auntie, has put pictures all over her blog and here are a few of my favourites....


JAKE in White and BEN in Blue.
I have wanted this for so long ( I’m 61 now) and then I learnt that my first grandchild was going to be twins and that the twins were identical boys. This wonderful news however, was closely followed by being told about all the things that could go wrong!!!. I therefore had to curb my excitement and I found it quite hard not to window shop for my future grandsons. As the weeks passed I felt a little safer buying an outfit or three! but still remained very restrained.
Everything was going so well and then I learnt that there were problems and unfortunately they had to be born 8 weeks early. For twins at 32 weeks they were a good size3lbs8.5oz and 3lb 5.5oz and used their lungs but Jacob and Benjamin had to be whisked away to the Neonatal ICU to be hooked up to all manner of monitors. Like all newborns’ they lost some of their birth weight and then put it all back on. They had to be kept a sleep for as much time as possible in order to do so. Ben has had jaundice, both had a spell of holding their breath, both have had problems with temperature control and Jake doesn’t seem to want to suck at anything for more than a few seconds.
I was able to see them at 14 days and they were so cute. I found myself staring at each of them trying to see if there was any differences’. Every time I thought I had found one it became obvious that there really were none except for a slight difference in size at the moment. I feel they will be playing a lot of tricks on their Nana as they grow up.
I still have not been able to touch them so I can’t wait till they can go home and I can visit and cradle them both in my arms.
At the tender age of 3 weeks they have both reached the important landmark of 4lb. Jake was first to hit the 4lb mark and be transferred, from his incubator, to a hot cot but instead of being in a cute little vest he had to be dressed in a ….vest, a baby grow, a cardigan and a woolly hat and then lie under 2 blankets and a muslin sheet. Ben had to wait for his transfer but he skipped the hot cot as they were then both transferred to cool cots on the 14th because their temperature control had kicked in.

Steve and Emma were so happy and they were able to give them their first bath on the 15th … which the boys were NOT impressed with.

The 16th brought more stress to the new parents who had managed to relax a little over the past few days ….. Steve finally got the nurses to take seriously a problem he and Emma had noticed … Jakes abdomen was very distended and had been obviously bigger than Bens for some time. Tests were done and it looks as though Jake is Lactose intolerant but they still are awaiting some more results. The other problem is that he may have a Hernia due to the swelling or a weakened area that could develop one later. Poor little thing had to be basically starved so that they could see what was happening. Now he has a special feed and is being monitored but it will delay his departure from hospital. They are four weeks old now and weigh 4lb 11oz (Jake) and 4lb 6oz (Ben)
Back soon with more updates. Maybe I will get some scrapping done soon, I have been a bit absorbed in my family history research recently.